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Corrosion of metals is a costly problem that is often caused by environmental or chemical contamination. Constellation has extensive resources for the evaluation of corrosion residues; the first step in determining the source of the corrosion and determining possible solutions.


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Constellation Technology | Measurement Analysis Solution Constellation Technology has the proven technical capabilities and subject matter experts to perform Measurement - Analysis - Solution services. Our team of scientists and engineers are ready to help solve your complex issues

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History | Cross-section, Grain flow, Grain direction, Fractography Constellation was incorporated in Florida in September 1992 by Dr. Carl Rester who was at that time director of a federally funded research institute at the University of Florida. Building on the institute’s successes, Constellation opened its doors for business in St. Petersburg, FL in June 1993 and began an expansion into the former Dept. of Energy (DOE) Pinellas Plant, now known as the STAR (Pinellas County Young/Rainey Science Technology & Research) Center , with the opening of its crystal products laboratory in October 1995. Constellation completed its relocation into the STAR Center in the last quarter of 1996 and completed integrating all of the former DOE analytical laboratories into its operations during the first half of 1997.

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Our Team - Chemical, Mechanical,Metallurgical Analysis Services

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Chemical Analysis | Incoming Materials Inspection | (727) 547-0600 Constellation Technology uses advanced instrumentation to provide quantitative elemental analysis for a wide variety of materials. These materials may be solids, powders, or liquids; organics or inorganics ; high-purity metals or complex metal alloys. The test results can be used for material verification or unknown material identification.

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Mechanical Analysis, Tensile Testing, Plating Thickness (727) 547-0600 Constellation Technology provides a complete range of mechanical testing that includes: metallographic evaluations, performance testing, failure analysis, strength, and discontinuity testing. Constellation Technology is fully capable of providing a wide variety of testing disciplines to help solve your Measurement – Analysis – Solution needs.

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Reverse Engineering, Flame Retardant Testing, Phthalate Testing Constellation Technology performs complete Metrology services. Our world class inspection laboratory provides accurate and precise measurements. The analysis is provided in a responsive, timely, and competitive manner. Precise measurement equipment, such as Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM), are utilized to discriminate within 10 percent of the total tolerance spread for the feature being inspected.

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Non-Destructive Testing, Quality Inspection, RT/PT Inspection | NAS 410 Nondestructive testing techniques allow inspection of parts without damaging or changing their characteristic properties. Testing methods are employed to investigate the material integrity of test objects and to detect discontinuities in test samples that might be detrimental to its safe operation. Parts are routinely inspected to verify workmanship requirements and to detect discontinuities such as cracks, voids, porosity and inclusions. In addition the testing techniques are used to analyze material properties, monitor the operation of internal mechanisms, and determine the integrity of bonds between materials.

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Capabilities - Chemical, Mechanical, Metallurgical Analysis Services Constellation Technology is structured to take advantage of our core competency of Measurement – Analysis – Solution . With the foundation of a world class Analytical Laboratory and a wide range of subject matter experts, we provide implementable solutions with minimum risk and maximum return on investment.

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Success Stories - Constellation Technology Constellation Technology has an integrated investigative approach to help our customers identify and define difficult issues. With a world class analytical laboratory and a staff of experienced scientists and engineers we develop technical solutions to support your efforts. A few of our success stories are presented here

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Success Stories - Constellation Technology

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