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Profitably fusing media campaigns: Don't let the menu scare you. Probably pre-early 2000's the idea of fusing Brazilian with Asian food seemed like someone's hangover nightmare, with sporadic non-jiving tastes attacking their palate and inducing the kind of regret once limited to mixing wine with whiskey on a colorful Thursday night.  But the idea of fusion these days is not only chic in mega trend setting towns, its actually kind of expected.

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I think the same trend is happening in the ever evolving media menu, with emerging platforms providing voice-to-ear restaurants where brands can see their coveted demographic dine on their narrative. I believe its a creative trait to be able to pitch the media, write copy for a brand, and strategize a campaign without having to delegate responsibilities to multiple departments. So why limit roles to strictly PR or advertsing ? That philosophy is as outdated as cargo pants and Fedoras (sorry, not sorry Williamsburg).

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I'm not saying to start offering red snapper ice cream cones on the menu (yikes). If your show needs to climb out of the ratings dumps, however, a great second season premier-pegged feature in the right outlet crafted and placed by the same guy or gal who wrote the copy for the show's subway ads is not such an over extension of resources; it's actually the gold hidden in the barrel you've been sitting on the whole time. Just look under the hood instead of all around you.

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Clients will love having a shop with all their needs met on one menu, call it agency fusion, where talent delivers at all hours for the most demanding branded taste buds and client palates. - Constantine Panagiotatos

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