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One of the most difficult problems a business can face is a bad public perception of their brand or products. Part of the solution to this problem is to improve their products. Another aspect of solving this problem is where Constantine Panagiotatos spends much of his time. Public relations is all about using the media to reconfigure public perception. Constantine Panagiotatos is a talented publicist who has a lot of experience in public relations for a variety of clients. He gets results.


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Constantine Panagiotatos:

Constantine Panagiotatos Marketing and Communications Strategist

Marketing and Communications Strategist at Gramercy Auctions:

Marketing and Communications Strategist at Gramercy Auctions While working for Gramercy Auctions, Constantine Panagiotatos carried a multitude of responsibilities and performed them remarkably. It was here that he directed marketing, communications, and even business matters for his clients during all stages of the auction sales process. Constantine Panagiotatos dealt with assets in non-performing commercial, industrial, and residential real estate. In addition, he increased Gramercy’s client base by implementing narrative building and marketing towards niche markets. Constantine Panagiotatos

Sports: a Hobby of Constantine Panagiotatos:

Sports: a Hobby of Constantine Panagiotatos Constantine Panagiotatos leads a busy professional life. Working in media relations means that there are days when he puts hours upon hours into his work during important events and campaigns. Still, Constantine Panagiotatos likes to make sure he has time set aside to play sports. He grew up playing soccer and rugby; he was also a rower and a wrestler. He has kept up his sports participation as best as he can, as New York City has lots of opportunities to engage in all of his favorites .

Constantine Panagiotatos Works Hard:

Constantine Panagiotatos Works Hard When you live in New York City, you have to work hard. Constantine Panagiotatos knows that there are plenty of publicists and media relations experts looking to make it big in New York, and that means there's no room for slacking or taking it easy on the job. Constantine Panagiotatos works hard every day of the week and devotes whatever time is needed to get the job done for his clients. Constantine Panagiotatos wouldn't have it any other way.

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