Ultimate Guide to Create a Google AdSense Account

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Looking to earn money online from your website with Google AdSense? Then check out our Ultimate step by step guide for beginners to create Adsense account successfully and make money online with simple way.


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Ultimate Guide to Create a Google AdSense Account Before to setup or create an account on Google AdSense you need to know some things about Google AdSense Like: - 1. What is Google AdSense 2. Criteria to create an AdSense Account or Applying. 3. Step to create an AdSense account 4. Account Verification via AdSense Pin 1. What is Google AdSense: -

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Google AdSense is an advertising program run by Google for advertising or ads placements. This program specially designed for all website owners who want to earn money online to display targeted text ads Video ads and image ads on their web pages. When a visitor will click on display ads and visit the website then google ads program monetize it and give some money in your AdSense account. 2. Criteria to create an AdSense Account or Applying for it. If you want to create a Google AdSense account then you need to follow some instruction and term conditions which are mandatory for all AdSense account holders likes: - You must have a website approx. 6 months old Your age must be 18 years old unless you are not eligible for the AdSense program. Want to Join AdSense before 18 years then you need to use your parents or guardian name if they permit you. 3. Step to create an AdSense account The first step is to open google.com/AdSense/start then click to signup button for AdSense. you can use your old Gmail account to log in it. Then you will get AdSense form where you need to add your website address select language and other required details. Then Submit the AdSense application and add the code to your website to verify for approval. Fill all the required information like payee name bank account details etc. Add your contact details. Read all the AdSense policies carefully then click Agree. Wait until your AdSense account is reviewed for approval or rejection. It will take 24 hours to 72 hours 1 to 3 days.

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Once you receive AdSense approval msg then you need to login your account and create your ads units likes banner ads text ads video ads image ads after that add the codes in your web pages to display ads in the website. 4. Account Verification via AdSense Pin Once you reach the minimum income 10 in AdSense after that Google AdSense team send you to pin by mail. When you will receive the AdSense pin you need to add the pin to your Google AdSense account for verifying your account completely. You will get your first payment from Google AdSense once you will reach minimum payout limit 100. Hope this information so helpful for you to set up a new AdSense account for your blog or website to earn money online with the help of Google AdSense.

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