How to save your AdSense Account to get it banned

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How to Save Your AdSense Account to Get it Banned Getting approval for your AdSense account is not only the most important task but save your AdSense account activity is another challenging task. So first you need to know the AdSense TOS and stop violating google AdSense policies. In this article we have mentioned a few popular tips using that you can avoid getting your AdSense account banned. 1. Invalid Click

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If you want to secure your AdSense account then prevent your account for the invalid click. Because invalid click is the main problem to gets banned the AdSense account. If you ask your friends to click the ads or do it yourself from different IP then AdSense team easily deducts these kinds of activity then they will disable your AdSense account to ensure and safe their advertisers. 2. Utilizing AdSense on unsupported language blog Blog content Language is another one most important element because google doesnt encourage to support all types of language to qualify for AdSense account. If you have an approved AdSense account and want to display advertising on the blog. So first you need to check your blog language according to AdSense TOS. If get any blog with unsupported language for changes it immediately to secure your AdSense account. 3. Promote Ads via Emails

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In some cases AdSense account holder sends AdSense ads using the emails to get it viral for passive income. But Google doesnt like these kinds of promotion and can take action against the program policies. 4. Advertisement Stage Many AdSense account holder mainly uses tactics like "Click Here" If you want to learn more. If you have used and pop up script to show up ads and your visitor needs to click on it to view your web page content then this is a big mistake for you. This kind of popups can ban your AdSense account. 5. Competitive Contextual Advertisement Want to secure your AdSense account to get it banned then you need to avoid using any other contextual advertisement program because it breaks then AdSense TOS policies. 6. Changing in the AdSense Code

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According to Google AdSense policies you cant make any changes in the AdSense code scripts because Google does not permit you to do this kind of changes. If you do something in the AdSense code then your Google AdSense might be banned. 7. Copy write Content Copywrite content is one of the big issues to get banned your AdSense account because AdSense accounts not permit you to run ads on copy write content likes movies songs and other files. 8. Connect your website with illegal and copyright content

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If you have connected your website with another website which serves illegal content use software to generate traffic or use any other unethical activities then your Google AdSense account might be disabled for that particular website. You need to protect your sites to certain types of content likes porn adult material gambling etc. which are violent AdSense content policies. 9. Paid Traffic If you use paid promotion to generate traffic on your AdSense enable website through Facebook ads Reddit StumbleUpon Twitter ads and Instagram then your AdSense account will be banned because Google AdSense TOS doesnt permit it. These Types of traffic will be considered as violating the AdSense term and conditions.

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