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Want to prepare for SEO interview? to get your dream job then check out our SEO interview questions and answers post from console dude. It will beneficial for you to crack the SEO interview easily.


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SEO Interview Questions and Answers Digital Marketing is one of the fast-growing marketplaces of online business and it will continue booming in future after that it will also produce good job opportunities in the digital marketing career. SEO is one of the most remarkable approaches to enhance business online. If you are searching for good opportunities in digital marketing but facing issue to crack the SEO interview question and answers then SEO interview questions answers 2018 blog post will be beneficial for all of you to crack the interview. Because via the post we share basic SEO interview question related to keyword research on page optimization off page optimization social media marketing basic coding knowledge and all the latest Google algorithm updates and its impacts on SEO. Here is the list of most well-known SEO interview questions answers. Q 1. What is SEO define shortly about SEO Ans. SEO is a method of growing the site organic ranks by producing unique content and performing methods as per guidelines of search engines. In the past few years SEO has been grown and Google is using lots of factors to rank a web page on SERP. So it’s very essential to learn new trades and execute the changes in the website as per the latest Google SEO updates.

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Q 2. What are steps required in performing SEO Ans. SEO requires the following steps to follow as per guidelines. Website Analysis Keyword Research Competition Follow-up Content Optimization Performing on page changes in website Promoting social sharing on major Social networks Making links in natural form to the page etc. Q 3. Which sites do you use for the newest updates in SEO Ans. Q 4. What is Google Webmasters Tools why do you manage it Ans. Google webmaster tool is used for maintaining our website properties and settings on the search console. Few most essential features are Geographic Location Targeting Search Queries – We can analyze the top queries for our website in 3 months Backlinks checker Tool – To analyze the number of backlinks as seen by Google Bot Remove pages tool Fetch as Google Bot to use crawling our website Snippet Testing Tool Sitemaps Robots.txt tester Etc. Q5. If a sponsor does a PPC campaign will it affect the organic SEO ranking

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Ans. No it does not affect the organic search results. So we can work on SEO irrespective spending cost on PPC. Q6. How to create site links in the SERP Ans. In organic SEO results site links are auto-generated based on the page and the internal linking structure of the website. Q7. What are the 2 types of SEO Ans. On-page SEO and off-page SEO Q8. What is a backlink Ans. Any incoming links to a site or web page are known as backlink. Q9. What is an outbound backlink Ans. Any link on a site that links to a different website is known as an outbound backlink. Q10. Difference between on-page and off-page SEO optimization Ans. On-page optimization is practiced improving the site to be optimized via page coding. Off-page optimization is not managed by page coding. Q11. What is keyword density Ans. It is the percentage of a phrase or keyword on a website compared to the total number of words on the webpage. Q12. What is 301 redirections Ans. A process using which a user is redirected to new web URL from old URL one. Q13. What is Googlebot Ans. It is a variety of software utilized by Google as a search bot to index a website or web page. Q14. What is robots.txt Ans. robots.txt is a type used by a website to interact with web crawlers and other web robots. Q15. What is SEO friendly URL Ans. A URL which is proper in length and files structure is called SEO-friendly URLs. Q16. What is a landing page Ans. The entry point for a website or a part of a website is called the landing page. Q17. What is XML Sitemap Ans. XML is primarily created to help the functionality of the search engines. Q18. What is DA Domain Authority

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Ans. Domain Authority DA is a record produced by Moz that predicts how well a site will rank on search engine result pages SERP. Q19. What is Google Pigeon Update Ans. Announced in 2014 the update is pointed to enhance the ranking of local listing in a search. Q20. What is the Panda update Ans. Announced first in the year 2011 this update is pointed to lower the rank of “low-quality sites” in particular “content fields” and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results page. Q21. What is the Penguin update Ans. First released in the year 2012 this update was launched to catch sites thought to be spamming its search results those doing so by purchasing links or obtaining them via link networks intended primarily to boost Google rankings. Q22. What is Bounce Rate Ans. It is the ratio of visitors to a special website who operate away from the site after seeing only one page.

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