Difference between SEO and SEM

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Difference between SEO and SEM Before indulging into the above topic first let us know about both terms individually. SEO and SEM are the two terms having different definition although both desires to attain the same outcome. • SEO:

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This is used to drive traffic to a website that means it deals with improving a website visibility on the internet so that search engines consider website or page and find much worthy to place in the top rank of SERPs • SEM: It is also used to drive traffic to a website but by all paid method. Now lets see how both are different from each other and how effectively you can make use of both individually. Moving forward towards the topic lets understand 5 major differences which will further help you planning strategies to drive right kind of traffic to your website. 1. SEO requires a website while SEM doesnt when it comes to differentiating between SEO AND SEM the major difference is dependency on website that means SEO heavily depend on website while SEM doesnt depend on website to drive traffic. SEO include on page and off page work to rank website at top while SEM has nothing to do with this rather than paying if it is paid website will appear on the SERP page. 2. SEM receive quick result than SEO SEO takes time to optimize a website creating quality links and several other factors. Hence results are not shown sooner it takes time to show the result on SERPs. However result progress also cannot be measured. On the other side SEM is opposite to SEO the moment you set up your goal and analytic tools you will able to measure result progress which is faster than SEO. 3. SEO provides long lasting results than SEM

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SEO provides traffic to a website for the long term unless you dont break SEO principles and make your website down. whereas SEM yields result if you are paying for it that means once you stop paying traffic to your also gets stopped. 4. SEO targets ample of the audience while SEM targets the specific audience SEO targets all kind of people either they are searching for the keywords looking for products and services or willing to buy. while SEM targets to only those who are ready to buy. 5. So is less costly in comparison to SEM SEO is cheaper to be implemented than sem. The reason behind this is very simple as you already know SEO is free to implement and run whereas SEM needs to be paid to generate traffic to your website. Conclusion SEO and SEM are two sides of the same coin though they follow different methods of execution goals of both are the same both are working to drive traffic to a website.

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