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Designing a successful personalization mobile app is not an easy task, but it becomes a must-have thing for a business to be successful. Even Amazon, a leader of the retail industry started showing product recommendations many years ago. So don’t forget to add personalization mobile application in your business model to enhance the customer experience. For more info:


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Ten years ago Amazon introduced product personalization now as huge amounts of data are easily available to marketers and businesses they are actively participating in changing the customer experience using mobile app personalization on a granular scale. Technologies are the main reason behind personalization at scale for companies of all sizes and once they achieved their predefined goal they developed a fruitful relationship with customers and the ability to offer a frictionless customer experience. For years now we ’v e been hearing about the benefits of personalized mobile application development and now it already strikes the floor to bombarded with marketing and advertising to offer a tailored experience to customer to enhance online brand visibility. No doubt mobile application solutions are the most leading medium for businesses to attain great heights however without personalizing experience mobile app users move away too fast.

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Therefore instead of going with a static experience this won’ t live up to the user ’s expectations go with actual needs of users and identify the ways to fulfill that without any compromise. Firstly let’s discuss what exactly mobile app personalization is What is Mobile App Personalization The mobile app personalization is the process to build a customized mobile application that can meet the customer requirement instead of a broad one-size-fits-all experience for all the users. In mobile app personalization all the features are based on customer preference for their particular needs that can generate attention without losing the grip. According to research there are more than 1.5 million apps are on the play store and around 66 of apps deleted immediately by users due to unfriendly features and the ones who don’t delete use them rarely. Thus owning a personalized mobile application will be a tough competition for your competitors. So ask your mobile app developers to tighten up their belts to make the apps user- friendly by keeping use r ’s expectations in mind. Benefits Of Mobile App Personalization Following are the benefits of Mobile App Personalization: Builds loyalty – When users feel they are important they love to visit again at the same shop and it reflects on your ROI that you are not just invested in them but also know them personally. Mobile app personalization allows vendors to know the purchase pattern of their customers more closely by collecting the data from all channels to create a personalized profile. In this way they can send offers and notification directly to the user app and can know whether they interested in the offers or not.

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Enhances Engagement – We live in a world where everybody wants instant gratification and c u stom e rs’ expectations have imitated that. A smooth customer experience is only possible through real-time engagement that spans touch points and multistage journeys. There are countless ways through which mobile app development companies can personalized customer journey only they need to embrace new technologies like machine learning IoT AI etc. to keep up with the impregnation of touch points. Retains Users- If your mobile app works on a subscription basis then it is must to retain app users. Retaining does not simply mean keeping the users engaged with your content images or with attractive features it is also about expelling the obstacles in the renewal procedure. When mobile applications are personalized on the basis of user ’s behavior patterns and subscription status it will help you in nibbling users who are more certain to drop off. Tha t’s the reason mobile app developers and designers are trying to modify the apps to attract user-traffic and to make them likable to users so they can enjoy all the app features easily. Drives More Purchases- For every online business it is very disappointing when users leave their shopping cart mid-way without making a payment and this is a most common conversion problem seen in mCommerce mobile apps. However as a marketer you c a n ’t send a push notification to all users to encourage them to check out as not all of them will be having items in their cart. So by using data based on user-behavior you can narrow down the segment of users which you want to target and can use demographic data to determine what kind of product and content they like the most. Summing Up According to a recent survey nearly half of all shoppers made impulse buys from personalized recommendations and nearly three-quarters show disappointment when they do not experience

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some type of personalization. Approx. 44 of buyers will become repeat buyers if they have a personalized shopping experience. Above mentioned figures clearly show that successful custom mobile app development is solving real challenges smoothly and become the reason of making happy long-term customers. So have you got an idea for the next great app Let us know about it and we will be happy to help you. Contact us at +1 512 333-1321 or visit Consagous Technologies.

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