5 Ways Blockchain Technology is Disrupting The Future of Marketing


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The future of blockchain technology will be about a lot more than Bitcoin. Blockchain tech can impact each major area of business from accounting to operations. Let’s take a look at our new PPT which briefs you about 5 ways, blockchain technology is disrupting the future of marketing.


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5 Ways Blockchain Technology Disrupting The Future of Marketing:

5 Ways Blockchain Technology Disrupting The Future of Marketing

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The blockchain has sometimes been described as Internet 2.0 or the ‘Internet of Value’. Parties can enact a ‘smart contract’ — an agreement and/or a transaction on the blockchain - with no need for any central agent to trust.

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5 Ways That The Marketing Landscape Could be Transformed by Blockchain Technology Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Ad Fraud. Ad Buying. Data Protection & Privacy. Human Resources.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM):

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) How businesses connect with customers & manage those relationships will change thanks to blockchain technology. From identity verification to order processing and payment, blockchain-enabled CRM will drastically change as the technology and cryptocurrency become mainstream. If your business is currently using a standard CRM & traditional payment options, be prepared for how you do business to change in the coming decade.

Ad Fraud:

Ad Fraud Ad fraud costs marketers a lot of money & cheats publishers out of revenue. Blockchain could create the transparency that advertising desperately needs by blocking bot traffic - about half of all traffic - and protect brands from unsavory content.

Ad Buying:

Ad Buying Advertising is one of the fastest growing areas for blockchain technology. How businesses conduct promotion in the future will change, thanks to blockchain-enabled programmatic advertising.

Data Protection & Privacy:

Data Protection & Privacy In 2018, the EU will enact the General Data Protection Regulation – (GDPR) an unprecedented level of regulatory overview of personal data. It will require companies to ensure the highest levels of privacy protection or suffer a heavy penalty. The blockchain is focused on identity & protection of identity with regard to the data that’s associated with it.

Human Resources:

Human Resources Human resources professionals plan, direct and coordinate the recruiting, interviewing and hiring of new staff. They consult with top executives on strategic planning & often handle employee-relations duties as well as those tied to compensation, benefits, and training. Blockchain tech will also affect payroll, with the greatest impacts on multinational corporations or businesses with foreign employees.

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