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The Divine Light of the Infinite Circle

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Spiritual awakening help us to identify with the soul. Usually we interpret with our body and complaining about others. Our little time spent with god’s prayer or reading scriptures lays the feeling of transition from body to soul. You get the realization that absolute truth lies in the beliefs of mankind. Your mind gets fill with kindness love and compassion for humanity. Happiness sadness gains and loss does not affect you at all as you remain balanced all the times.

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You start implementing principles of religious scriptures in your life. There may time comes that you get bore with the hardships of spiritual path but you have to sustain your patience and reminisce your target of spiritual awakening. Our daily act of observing silence just for few minutes give us mental strength to reduce the production of thoughts. We start stopping judging other people and it drives away stress from our mind. Gradually inner silence develops in us and we get determined to connect with divine silence. This spiritual evolution can be achieved by meditation and prayer only.

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