Types of Fruits

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Types of Fruits: 

Types of Fruits

Indehiscent Fruits: 

Indehiscent Fruits Dry fruits which do not split along definite lines to release seeds at maturity.


Examples: Achene Samara Caryopsis Nut


Achene Seed coat not fused with ovary wall.

Achene: Sunflower Seed: 

Achene: Sunflower Seed


Samara Ovary wall forms a winglike structure. Dry; frequently used for seed dispersal by wind.

Samara: maple: 

Samara: maple

Caryopsis (grain): 

Caryopsis (grain) Seed coat fused with ovary wall.

Caryopsis(grain): corn: 

Caryopsis(grain): corn


Nut Ovary wall is tough and woody.

Nut: acorn: 

Nut: acorn

Dehiscent fruits: 

Dehiscent fruits Fruits which open at maturity to shed their seeds.


Examples: Follicle Legume Capsule


Follicle Fruit splits open along ONE seam.

Follicle: milkweed: 

Follicle: milkweed


Legume Fruit splits open along TWO seams.

Legume: bean: 

Legume: bean


Capsule Fruit opens by various means, usually along more than two seams.

Capsule: lily: 

Capsule: lily

Fleshy Fruits: 

Fleshy Fruits Fruit is generally moist and often edible.


Examples: Drupe Berry False Berry Hesperidium Pome


Drupe Fruit is fleshy all the way out to the covering. Woody interior covering. The seed is covered by a very hard cover. Sometimes these are called stone fruits.

Drupe: plum, peach, almond, cherry: 

Drupe: plum, peach, almond, cherry


Berry Fruit is fleshy all the way out to the covering, which is usually thin. Interior seeds are NOT covered by a hard coat.

Berry: grape, tomato: 

Berry: grape, tomato

False Berry: 

False Berry Looks like a berry, but often has a harder outer coat. Seeds are clustered in the middle rather than throughout the fruit.

False Berry: cucumber, squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe: 

False Berry: cucumber, squash, pumpkin, cantaloupe

Hesperidium (not on your key): 

Hesperidium (not on your key) Outer soft rind which is white on the inside. Citrus Fruits belong here.

Hesperidium: orange, lemon, grapefruit: 

Hesperidium: orange, lemon, grapefruit


Pome Fruit is fleshy out to the covering. A few seeds are inside a core which is not eaten because it has a leathery interior coating.

Pome: pear, apple: 

Pome: pear, apple

Aggregate Fruits: 

Aggregate Fruits Fruit composed of mature ovaries from separate pistils of one flower Example: raspberry, strawberry

Multiple Fruits: 

Multiple Fruits Fruit composed of mature ovaries from several flowers. Example: pineapple