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Kansas City Concrete Solutions is one of the leading concrete contractors in Kansas City specializing in providing expert solutions for your concrete polishing and epoxy floor. To know more, visit


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Reasons to Choose Concrete Floors over Traditional Flooring :

Reasons to Choose Concrete Floors over Traditional Flooring


Concrete flooring is an excellent choice for interiors, as there are many ways to achieve the end user’s goals. It provides many advantages over other traditional flooring options.


COST OF CONCRETE FLOORS Sealed concrete can cost just a few dollars per-square-foot installed, and has lower long-term costs than most traditional flooring.


DESIGN FREEDOM Concrete floors can be finished with a gloss, matte, or satin sheen. Also, endless pattern options are obtainable, or you can choose to go seamlessly.


ORIGINAL MODERN APPEARANCE Concrete floors allow the customer to more dynamically express themselves through a wide range of options as compared to traditional flooring.


DURABILITY AND MAINTENANCE Chemical-resistant sealers can block out animal dander that can create a permanent odor in an interior. It can be cleaned efficiently without heavy detergents.


SUBSTRATE CONDITIONS Substrate conditions that can cause issues with traditional flooring can be overcome with concrete flooring.


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