Concrete Grinding Giving Shiny Polished Concrete


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This polished is well suited for all kinds of construction purposes such as commercial buildings, hotels, resorts, residential houses. The concrete grinding NZ has become more popular than any other way of floor polishing.


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Top Class Concrete                           Specialist in Concrete Sealing and Concrete Grinding in NZ Concrete Grinding Giving Shiny Polished Concrete “Top Class Concrete provides  many types of concrete services like sealing grinding polishing and cutting in Hamilton New Zealand.” The concrete floors have been on demand now­a­days. The polished and shined floors have become the mandatory requirement. Their glittering polished surfaces are a treat to watch. This polished is well suited for all kinds of construction purposes such as commercial buildings hotels resorts residential houses. The  concrete grinding NZ has become more popular than any other way of floor polishing.  The concrete grinding actually involves three basic steps­ grinding honing and polishing.   The grinding involves initial level rough grinding of the concrete.   Honing of concrete includes grinding of the concrete to a very fine texture and smoothing   of   the   surface   using   a diamond pad afterwards.  Polishing   of   the   surface   in   order   to impart a lustrous texture to it. Top Class Concrete Ltd © Copyright 2013 - Powered and Designed by Quality Designs

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Top Class Concrete                           Specialist in Concrete Sealing and Concrete Grinding in NZ Concrete   grinding   NZ   can   be   done   on   existing   floors.   The   floor   is   sanded   and polished also certain amount of concrete is added additionally if required. However concrete grinding on the newly constructed floors are easier to deal with as they require less inputs and efforts. Moreover you get more scope of doing something with the new floor. A term ‘diamond pad’ is mentioned above. Concrete grinding NZ process calls for a kind of polishing pad used to polish the concrete floors. The diamond pads come with different   names   prices   and   characteristics.   The   kind   of   diamond   pad   required depends on the type of polishing required. You can use it for general honing or to provide high quality gloss to the floors. Industrial diamonds are used in these pads. The most expensive diamonds give the best polishing results.  The concrete grinding NZ is performed either dry or damp. Dry grinding lowers the dust but the damp grinding lowers their features affecting the heating and cooling system. However grinding involves certain expense and time. But going for this option will give fruitful results.  Contact Details If you are planning a project or would like to discuss different concrete options please contact us. We will do our best to answer as soon as possible. Thank you Philip Parkinson | Top Class Concrete | Free Phone: 0800 486 725 or Cell: 021 867 252 |Website : Top Class Concrete Ltd © Copyright 2013 - Powered and Designed by Quality Designs

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