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Quality Technology Solutions for Traffic Jam Traffic affects all. Millions of people deal with traffic congestion on a daily basis all the world over. It is not surprising to find roadways in major cities becoming gridlocked due to an accident road construction or simply a high number of cars on the road. Traffic congestion can have an impact on drivers the environment health and the economy. Traffic congestion gives way to traffic accidents and deterioration of the environment. Several reasons like growing population increasing urbanization and increasing car ownership create havoc in the traffic system. Since technology has taken over most of the spheres of life traffic system has also gained from this association. Technology has paved the way for Intelligent transport systems. ITS aims at solving various road traffic issues using information communication technologies. Comvision is one such company that endeavors to solve such traffic issues by deploying an ITS like Highway Traffic Management HTMS and achieving positive results. Comvision has made quite a place as an organization with impeccable technical know-how and suitable technologies and applications to combat the traffic menace plaguing the world.

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Effects of Traffic Congestion Pollution Pollution is one of the most harmful effects of traffic congestion. Vehicular emissions can cause smog and respiratory problems due to poor air quality. Over the years it greatly contributes towards global warming threatening’s Earth’s climate. Economic Impact There are economic consequences of traffic congestion. Many get late for work and appointments causing a loss in productivity for businesses. Shipping of cargo of delivery trucks gets affected due to a congested route. Fearing traffic jam many may decide to forgo an activity altogether leading to less consumer spending and lower event attendance. Road rage Prolonged traffic jams increase stress levels making the drivers drive aggressively and dangerously. Not only does it affect the health but also puts others in danger. Road rage is notorious for violent confrontations which in some cases prove fatal.

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Encouraging Mass Transit Not all effect is negative. One positive impact is that it encourages drivers to consider other transportation and commuting options. Individuals in areas characterized by frequent traffic jams often choose public transportation like a subway rail or bus service. These measures greatly reduce traffic and stress with less of an environmental impact. Comvision works tirelessly to introduce concepts of toll management and improve traffic with smarter navigation. Comvision specializes in intelligent traffic solutions eToll and the Transport Sector. Their state of the art E-Toll solution is an ERP especially designed to suit Indian vehicles payment systems and calibration in India.

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