How Enterprise Mobility Can Help Your Business to Make the Cut

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How Enterprise Mobility Can Help Your Business to Make the Cut In today’s modern fast-paced life we like to get work done with a few clicks and also want relevant information at our disposal all the time. This point holds true especially if you are a top shot in your domain. Agree If you have guessed correctly I’m pointing towards the topic of enterprise mobility In layman terms enterprise mobility is simply the deploying of mobility solutions across an organization and letting the employees collaborate in a better manner. Moreover the term ‘enterprise mobility’ has become synonymous with increased productivity and improved customer engagement. But before we delve further into the crux of this matter just have a look at the following infographic from Openxcell. 1 / 4

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Getting the bigger picture Well the numbers are speaking for themselves So what is making such solutions a hot favorite amongst the industry leaders Key Benefits of Enterprise Mobility Solutions At the core level there are three basic things that mobility solutions take care of whilst being a part of the corporate culture – security faster ROI better collaboration. Let’s talk about them with a broader perspective: Security Imagine deploying the latest mobility solution in your company and giving access to crucial pieces of information to the ground level customer service executive or to any employee for that matter. Thinking of the worst case scenario the employee forgets to delete the data from his device although you might have a policy in place for the same and some third person gets access to it. I don’t need to further elaborate on the outcome The Bring Your Own Device BYOD concept has picked up the pace in corporate environments but can lead to ‘catastrophes’ like the one above if not managed appropriately. In line with the same concept there is the thing called Shadow IT. It is a case wherein employees prefer to work with their own devices rather than using the company-provided ones. Using consumer-level apps on personal devices for work-related purposes can pose a great security risk to the company. 2 / 4

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So companies providing enterprise mobility services go to great lengths to avert such corporate disasters. For example active directory integration is a preferred choice by most of the companies. It’s simply about providing the employees with a common login credential to access multiple platforms within the company. Also some enterprises vouch for the cloud storage of vital data in an encrypted form. All-in-all the security is not compromised Faster ROI Now this is something every company dreams of when opting for such solutions. The underlying concept behind enterprise mobility is to harness optimal amount of time of the maximum number of resources beyond the standard working hours.No matter where you are what time of the day it is don’t let the work suffer Also employees find it easier to complete the tasks given to them with a few clicks rather than following the traditional paper-driven process involving multiple formalities The example in this case could be a company dealing with transit of cash in vans. Millions of dollars are involved The drivers can be provided with specific mobile apps to update their GPS locations in real time. All of these data can be fed to a central server which in turn could be linked to the police stations falling in the path of the van. Another take is of a manufacturing facility. The power of the Internet of Things could be unleashed by embedding the production equipment with sensors and linking them with the smartphones of the production manager on duty. Thus production blunders can be identified instantaneously and the loss can be minimized to a great extent. At the end it leads to improved work efficiency and greater ROI Better Collaboration Better collaboration is linked to the benefit of customer engagement. In any organizational setup the customer service executives are always at the ground level whereas most of the data that directly concerns the end consumer are with the higher management. For example consider an insurance company wherein a beneficiary calls in to inquire about the status of his claims. So the customer service representative could be given access to the data records and payment 3 / 4

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systems so as to resolve the caller’s issue in a satisfactory manner. Also this involves a psychological benefit – employees will sense a piece of mind when communications go on smoothly within the team and there are no clashes with colleagues. After all who likes arguments The Bottom Line Enterprise mobility is changing the way companies both from the customers’ and the employees’ perspective. When the companies embrace mobility the person who benefits ultimately is the end consumer. And all this with reduced operational costs for the organization. Thus it proves to be a win-win situation for both Nick Piolotto is a software engineer with the passion for writing and sharing his thoughts knowledge and experience with the world through his blogs. His affinity for technology creation and application has given him a knack for successfully navigating through the paths of the technological future. You may also like How To Download Instagram Videos Online 20 Money Making Apps That Pay You Money Technology and Unemployment – How are they related Top 5 PC Apps And Softwares How to Make USB Bootable For Any Window 4 / 4

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