How a Hospital Runs on Air Compressors


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How a Hospital Runs on Air Compressors :

How a Hospital Runs on Air Compressors

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Advancements in medicine have done wonders for the human race. People are living longer, living healthier, living happier, and can enjoy the benefits of medicinal aide throughout their lifetimes.

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The infant mortality rate has decreased, and the average lifespan has increased from a mere 30 years old in ancient and medieval times to 75 years old today. Modern medicine plays a part in the global economy, and the international science and engineering world.

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You cannot take a medication, use a first aide product, or put on a pair of glasses without the years of research and work that went into those items.

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Hospitals are the epicenter of the medical world. It is where people go to get healed, to find help for the ailments, or to find peace in hospice. The hospital is important in the medical world, and one of the most important things in the hospital is the air compressors utilized.

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Air compressors come in small, medium, large and super large, and are usually well maintained using Ingersoll Rand compressor parts , and changing the air compressor filter regularly.

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A well maintained air compressor makes the hospital run smoothly. Here are a few places where you’ll find air compressors in a hospital.

The Operating Room :

When a patient is in need of an operation, life saving or otherwise, the surgeon depends on an air compressor to help keep the patient comfortable and breathing. The Operating Room

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The oxygen machine that monitors the patient’s breathing and provides fresh, pure oxygen uses air compressors to thin the air and make it easier for the sedated patient to inhale . This is an instance in which clean and well maintained air compressor filters are necessary.

The Maintenance Department :

The Maintenance Department Air compressors are also used widely in the maintenance department. Nothing cleans air filters, workbenches, trash cans, or dusty crawl spaces better than compressed air.

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Also , many of the tools used to repair, replace, and maintain the hospital use compressed air to work, for instance: impact hammers and wrenches, and nail guns.

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Furthermore, compressed air is very useful in inflating wheels on service carts, wheelchairs, and emergency mattresses for patients and tired staff members.

The Air System :

The Air System One of the most prominent places you’ll find an air compressor in a hospital is in the air filtration duct system . For the health of everyone inside, the air filtration system of a hospital needs to run using only the purest, driest air.

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Air compressors provide that. If the air filtration system goes down, it’s important to replace the broken air compressor with Ingersoll Rand compressor parts , or to replace the system altogether. Air compressors may seem insignificant to many, but without them, the one place we all go to be safe and healthy wouldn’t be safe or healthy at all.

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We have air compressors to thank for many things; fresh air while sedated, repairs and cleanliness, and clean pure dry air to breathe while wide awake and moving through the work day . Thanks to air compressors, a hospital can concentrate on healing people, including people we love.

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