15 of the Most Helpful Parenting Tips for First Time Parents

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Congratulations! You have qualified into the ranks of zombie first-time parents. While your little one coos and spits into your bosom, here are the best tips for surviving this little (monster) angel: 1. Ask For and Accept Help We get it. You don’t want to feel bad for asking for help. Hidden amidst the people who offer just to seem nice (jerks) are the people who genuinely want to help. Distinguish between the two and don’t push away the ones who are knocking on your door with food (grab it and run). When the time comes, you can help them back or better yet, pay it forward to other new parents. 2. Freezer Meals Your freezer is a new parent’s knight in shining armor. As is your slow-cooker. Get close and intimate with Pinterest, which can point you in the right direction for 50 freezer meals in 2 hours. Say what? You’re welcome. 3. Give the Baby a Schedule No, this ain’t the army, but trust me, a schedule will save your sanity. I read you could distinguish a newborn’s hunger cries from his tired cries or his comfort cries. With my first child, they all sounded the freakin’ same to me (probably because I was too exhausted). After the first few months, starting your bubs on a nursing and sleeping schedule will mean you’ll know when he’s crying for food, sleep, comfort, or just because he’s a little devil. http://compoundwisdom.com/15-of-the-most-helpful-parenting-tips-for-first-time-parents/


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