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Complete Services is one of the best cleaning Services Company in Singapore. We provided excellent credible cleaning services and maintenance of building, offices, banks, hospitals, restaurants, educational institutions, factories, hotels, etc. Complete Services have Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) trained professionals and reliable employees to work for clean environment with reliable price..


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Proficient Cleaning Services in Singapore


If you have runny nose at random parts of the day and you find that your family is also susceptible to common respiratory illnesses like colds, coughs and sinus but your doctor cannot identify the exact reason because you may have a mold allergy in your home to deal with.


The Medications for allergies may help in clearing the symptoms but if your home is infested with mold then you are not exactly getting prevention of the same toxic particles which may cause more severe and fatal health concerns later on. Beside them it can be pretty difficult to keep returning to the doctor for a prescription.


Get rid of everything old which means that, things which has been kept long before in a corner or at the basement storage and left without care. Actually you don't really need them, so de-clutter all areas in your home finding the unwanted things. Places where a lot of mold can grow are storage areas, libraries, cabinets under the sink, basement and the attic.


These are the places which get very little sunlight and dampness occurs due to climate, so they're the perfect breeding ground for the mold. You will not believe this that trash old books has mold, just flip through some really old books and you can see tiny brown to black spots, these are molds and they take cellulose in paper as nutrients for them.


Hold off on organic fruits and veggies, it is a pain especially when you're committed to live healthy, but here is a truth about non-organic fruits and vegetables. They have been treated with pesticides and fungicides, so they are less susceptive to fungi like mold.


Just remember that you aren't really sure where the molds are coming from because they have too tiny roots to be seen by the naked eyes. Inspect your hardwood floors for dark spots and if they weren't there before then they are most probably mold. Molds thrive on materials that have carbohydrate materials like wood.


If you experience mold availability on your hardwood floor, there's a major possibility of growth of molds within the walls which surround these floors. Hiring a contractor is a good idea to open up these walls, clean, bleach and patch them back. This may cost a little but it is nothing when compared to your health.


Clean your kitchen and bathroom tiles with bleach and be sure to get into the little spaces between tiles, actually the black soil-like matter you see there are molds. Get rid of drapes in your rooms because when it rains, the moisture can accumulate on the windows and they can be easily absorbed by these drapes because they may not get exposed to direct sunlight.


Drapes or curtains can be the perfect place of molds too, so replace these drapes with shades or Venetian blinds. Replace the damp rugs present in the bathroom and in other rooms regularly and hang the towels to dry in sunlight after using them.


Reposition steaming appliances near the windows, for instance crock pots are better used where moisture can escape instead of accumulating on walls and ceilings. Finally, inspect your sofas, mattresses and furniture for mold and keep them bleached and upholstered or if the molds are too much then consider on replacing them.


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