How Could you Determine the Failed AC Low-Pressure Hose of Audi

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The AC low-pressure hose carries the refrigerant into the compressor and gives out cold air. But, when there is a issue in this hose, you may find traces of refrigerant, kinks in the hose and lack of cool air. Go through the mentioned slide show to know how to determine the failed AC low-pressure hose of Audi.


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How could you determine the failed AC Low-pressure Hose of Audi


The AC system of the Audi is generally made up of a variety of components and work together to produce cold air in the cabin.


The AC low-pressure hose can carry the refrigerant that can be passed through the system into a compressor and can be pumped through the system to provide cold air.


The low-pressure hose is made up of both the rubber and metal and have threaded compression fittings to secure the rest of the system.


The AC system is a sealed system, so when the low-pressure hose can be failed, it will negatively affect the entire AC system of the Audi.


When it is begun to fail or completely failed in your Audi, then it will unusually display the following signs to alert the driver that it have some issues.


Traces of refrigerant


However, the AC system in the Audi is a sealed system, but the traces of refrigerant on those hoses indicate that the hose is leaking.


Generally, the refrigerant passes through the low side hose in gas form and cause leaks which is not an obvious thing because these are working with the high-pressure side.


If the AC system is continuously facing leak issues in the low side hose, then it will empty the refrigerant system and unable to produce the cold air.


Kinks in hose


If the low side hose of the AC system receives any physical damages like kinks, then it can obstructs its flow and cause problems with the rest of the system.


The low side hose of the Audi refers as a feed hose to the compressor. But sometime the rest of the system prevent the refrigerant from flowing into the compressor.


As a result, the AC will unable to produce the cold air and the kinks are generally caused when it physically contact with the moving parts or from heat exposure from the engine.


Lack of cool air


When your AC will not be able to produce the cold air, then make sure that the low side pressure hose of the Audi has failed.


The low side hose of the Audi always carries the refrigerant to the compressor. If any problem arises with the hose, it can quickly transfer to the rest of the system.


When you found any types of problems in the low-pressure hose of the AC system in the Audi, then it is unable to produce the cold air.




Due to its sealing features, the single sort of problem or leaks in the AC system will negatively affect the rest of the system.


If you suspect that the low side pressure hose of the AC system in Audi is failed, then inspect the AC system by a professional mechanic.



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