Food Stamp Fraud By Store OWners In NYC


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New York City food stamp fraud has been in fraud investigatorsí sights for years, but the recent policy changes made thousands of New Yorkers the target of aggressive investigations, and in many cases criminal prosecutions. If you or a family member needs food stamps (NYS Supplemental Nutrition Program (SNAP)) in New York City and provide false information on your application, the state will contend you have committed fraud. The most common example of food stamps fraud is failure to disclose household income. If you or a family member is being targeted for Food Stamps Fraud, call us for a FREE consultation. Joseph Potashnik & Associates have handled numerous food stamps fraud cases and can significantly minimize your criminal exposure and in some cases even convince prosecutors not to file charges.


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SNAP Fraud Arrest Data:

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data :

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data Supplemental Nourishment Assistance Program (SNAP) is created to provide nourishment assistance to millions of small-income people and households. It is among the biggest program in the domestic hunger to provide financial benefits to communities. Should you offer false info for SNAP, you will get both state and federal charges. There are increasing incidences food stamp trafficking in New York and should you are caught in a SNAP fraud arrest, you will definitely require a skilled criminal defense attorney to represent your case ardently. People commit the food stamp fraud when they acquire SNAP benefits illicitly and not eligible for.The defendants can face a sentence of five years maximum imprisonment for conspiracy to commit food stamp fraud.

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data :

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data When arrested for SNAP fraud , you will be prohibited from getting SNAP and make a restitution payment. In case you are not able to make the restitution payment, you will face a jail term. Many times, the culprits exchange SNAP benefits for funds. Even the Groceries and convenience outlets work together with food stamp recipients to represent fake purchases. Eateries as well as bars too are accountable for the criminal offense if they accept food stamps and this is against the law. These store owners charged for food stamp trafficking in New York City can be debarred from the food stamp program. They will also be restricted from accepting food stamps as payment in their outlets. This can leave a tremendous damage on their popularity and sales.

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data :

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data The food stamp programs are financed with the taxpayer’s funds to assist the needy and the inferior. It is significant that these food assistance programs shouldn't be abused by any. When with SNAP fraud arrest, contact with a legal representative food stamp fraud, the most effective way out is to get in touch with an attorney and refrain from making the arresting officer furious as he is just doing his job. Don't converse anything with the police or state your innocence, until you have got your attorney with you. It is because whatever you say or do can be used later against you in the court. Just avoid to reply the queries of the cops tactfully and await your attorney for USDA Investigations for SNAP Fraud . Your professional law firm does every little thing possible not to let any information go against you. Should you have acted without criminal motive, your law firm can collect the witnesses to prove it.

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data :

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data Getting a lawyer is important if involved in food stamp trafficking in New York. The skilled attorney has managed numerous such cases and will certainly make every effort to support you. But, the actual situation depends a lot on each case. It is necessary that your attorney gets accurate information and considers every single avenue in order to get you from the situation and assist your case. You require a legal representative to remain with you and at every step. Let him determine the most effective strategy and do his best to discredit any information that goes against you.

SNAP Fraud Arrest Data :

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