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Compare Basket is a grocery price comparison and shopping website for grocery products in Delhi NCR. The website compares individual products and overall baskets of groceries to show which grocery store is the cheapest to shop at, without leaving the house.


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The Grocery Marketplace


Compare Basket is the only grocery marketplace in India where the focus is on bringing highly relevant audience to the platform and promote sellers in a way that creates awareness and increases reputation.

What do we do?:

What do we do?


We maximize online presence of sellers, increase their reach to new set of target audience, gives them additional business promotions, and customized business intelligence reports through which, sellers can evaluate their business potential, and can take informed decisions to increase conversions.

Why Compare Basket?:

Why Compare Basket?


We offer an opportunity to sellers by which they create their catalogue on Comparebasket to increase online presence and reach to a new set of target audience. We are a one stop solution for sellers where they just need to focus on managing inventory, delivery and improving customer experience.


We provide direct access to a unique set of audience which comes on compare basket platform with a motive, only to buy groceries. We provide an edge to sellers through which they stay registered in customer mind for longer duration.


Comparing prices through Comparebasket gives more power to shoppers and never let them over-pay for groceries again. We educate shoppers by providing them accurate information on product prices and makes them free to decide what and when to buy.


Shopping for groceries on Comparebasket makes customer a better budgeter, as they get a better grasp on what is being compared across stores, allowing them to be more in control over their monthly expenditure.

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