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Community marketing & Insights (CMI) is world’s leader in LGBT research and marketing offering services to leading brands, companies, universities, Government institutions and organizations since 1992. CMI is a LGBT owned company established by two friends Thomas Roth and David Paisley to help brands and companies connect with, engage and market to the LGBT community. Since 1992, CMI has built the world’s largest and most authentic LGBT panel consisting over 90000+ self-identifying LGBT consumers globally. This CMI’s LGBT panel includes 70000 LGBT panelists in the United States, 9000 Canadians, 4500 Chinese and many more other countries. Whether your organization or business is in the initial stage of market learning or accessing progress and updating its plan and strategy to reduce risks and unlock measurable results; CMI‘s LGBT research and Insights tactics help you to educate and make cost-effective decisions for your company or business goals. Visit Community Marketing & Insights website to learn more about LGBT Research, LGBT marketing, LGBT Panel, LGBT Tourism, and conferences.


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Community Marketing and Insights:

Community Marketing and Insights LGBT RESEARCH & INSIGHTS EXPERTS SINCE 1992

About CMI:

About CMI Many companies, brands, societies and governments need to know the emerging LGBT community worldwide. In 1992; two friends, Thomas Roth and David Paisley started Community Marketing and Insights to help these companies and brands to understand and connect with the LGBT community. They traveled across North America and spoke with executives and in many conferences to emphasize the importance of connecting and serving LGBT Community.


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LGBT Research:

LGBT Research Whether it’s a business in its initial stages of learning market or updating strategy to accelerate plans and reduce risks; Community marketing and Insights offer LGBT research for business to make cost-effective decisions and unlock measurable results. Since 1992, CMI has been worked with leading brands, organizations, brands, government institutions and universities for LGBT research and insights to understand, reach and serve this community.

LGBT Marketing:

LGBT Marketing LGBT Marketing is an act of to market LGBT customers through sponsorships of LGBT organizations. Community Marketing and Insights guide businesses and corporate sectors to identifying market subsections, locations, competitive environment, purchasing habits and setting realistic goals with effectively reach and serve LGBTQ customers.

LGBT Panel:

LGBT Panel Since 1992, CMI has been built the largest self identified community representative LGBT panel in the world. CMI’s LGBT panel developed through partnerships with 300 LGBTQ publications, organizations , websites, apps, events, influencers and social media across USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany , China etc. This LGBT Panel consists of more than 90000+ LGBT consumers globally.

LGBT Tourism:

LGBT Tourism Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) has been conducting LGBT tourism & Hospitality Studies for over 20 years. CMI is bringing together the leading industry professionals to share learning about the LGBTQ market. At CMI’s LGBT tourism forum ; various tourism industry leaders gather each year to share their success stories which help others to transform insights into successful marketing plans.

Contact Detail:

Contact Detail Location Address Community Marketing, Inc. 584 Castro St. #834 San Francisco, CA 94114 USA Phone: +1 (415) 437-3800 Fax: +1 (415) 552-5104 Email: COMMUNITYMARKETINGINC.COM

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