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Community Marketing & Insights is NGLCC certified LGBT owned full-service market research Company mainly focuses on LGBT insights and analytics. Located in San Francisco, CA; Community Marketing & Insights is proud to be the global leader to provide LGBT research, market insights, strategies and training to non-profit organizations, corporate leaders, universities and Government institutions worldwide since 1992. From the past 25+ years’ experience in LGBT consumer marketing, CMI has presented the most reliable, unique and longest operating series of LGBT community surveys over every demographics from all continents of the world. They have unique and specialized services including seminars, workshops, focus groups, in-depth interviews, conferences, online surveys, advisory boards, conferences and research reports. They also founded a unique proprietary LGBT panel of 80,000 consumers for marketing research, recruiting, statistics and strategic consulting. For more information about LGBT research and marketing services by Community Marketing & Insights, feel free to visit website or call on (415) 437-3800.


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Community Marketing & Insights:

Community Marketing & Insights Founded by Thomas Roth in 1992; Community Marketing & Insights is an NGLCC certified and trusted business for LGBT research, training and consulting serving industry leaders, non-profit organizations and government institutions across the world. They have more than 25 years of experience to help industry leaders for LGBT research and marketing. CMI provides a proprietary panel of 80,000+ LGBT consumers by producing custom, onsite training program, webinars and conferences. Community Marketing & Insights can accelerate your business plans, strategies and reduce the risks involved to deliver best results.

LGBT Research:

LGBT Research Community Marketing & Insights has been conducting LGBT research for more than 25 years. Their practice includes online surveys, intercepts, focus groups, in-depth interviews and advisory boards in Asia, North America and Europe. CMI’s research report  also published in the New York Times, Chicago Tribune, Miami Herald, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, CBS News, NPR, CNN, Reuters, Associated Press, eMarketer, Mashable, and many other national, international and regional media.

LGBT Training & Conferences:

LGBT Training & Conferences Thomas Roth and David Paisley are the leaders of the Community Marketing & Insights team.  They have developed LGBT training sessions and educational workshops across the world since 1992. With broad client services experience, they conducting LGBTQ market research surveys and focus groups over two decades. They offer a wide range of 20 to 60-minute presentations and keynotes and as well as 2 or 3-hour interactive workshops. This year, Community Marketing & Insights is partnering with Destinations International to bring leading industry professionals to share learnings about the LGBTQ market and the success stories about them.

LGBT CMI’s Proprietary Panel:

LGBT CMI’s Proprietary Panel Community Marketing & Insights (CMI) has recruited LGBT proprietary consumer panel over the past 20+ years by partnering with over 300 LGBTQ media, organizations, events and social media throughout the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, Australia and China. CMI’s LGBT Panel consists of more than 80,000 self-identifying trusted community members. Community Marketing & Insights committed to provide 24x7 hours feedback service to all their customers and also deliver the reliable response as per queries or maintains confidentiality. As distinct from other panel approaches, they have a very personal relationship with their panelists, who are ready to open up and share genuine experiences, sensitivities, opinions and motivations with CMI.

CMI Team Leaders:

Community Marketing & Insights team of specialists has produced custom LGBTQ research for nearly 25 years across the world since 1992. They have produced more LGBTQ research for more clients than all other research companies. CMI Team Leaders Thomas Roth, President David Paisley, Senior Research Director Lu Xun, Quantitative Research Director Glen Fishman, Projects Director .

CMI Partners:

CMI Partners

Address Location:

Address Location Community Marketing, Inc. 584 Castro St. #834 San Francisco, CA 94114 USA Phone No.: +1 (415) 437-3800 Fax No.: +1 415/552-5104 Email: Website:

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