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How to bring a global dimension into ICT


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Alex Savage, AST


WALT Why is the Global Dimension important? How to research the real world How to communicate with the real world Effective uses of web2.0 technologies

R U Global ?: 

R U Global ? Have you eaten something in the last 24 hours, grown in another country? Have you visited a foreign country in the last 12 months? Have you communicated with someone in foreign country via the internet in the last 12 months? Do you own a music track in a foreign language?

Why bother with Global Issues?: 

Why bother with Global Issues? Global issues are part of young people’s lives in a way that they never were for previous generations. Television, the internet, international sport and increased opportunities for travel, all bring the wider world into everyone’s daily life. The importance of education in helping young people recognise their role and responsibilities as members of this global community is becoming increasingly apparent. Developing a global dimension in the school curriculum, DfES

A New Global Curriculum?: 

A New Global Curriculum? A 21st century curriculum should prepare young people to recognise their roles and responsibilities as members of this global society. They need to be able to understand the global context of their local lives, examine their own values and attitudes in relation to the challenges they face and see how they might play an active role in responding to these challenges. Futures, meeting the challenge, QCA

Am I Bovvered?: 

Am I Bovvered? Pupils are more likely to be engaged with the curriculum they are offered if they believe it is relevant and if they are given opportunities to take ownership of their learning. EPPI-Centre ‘Our biggest curriculum challenge is to sustain a desire to learn.’ Mick Waters QCA

21st Century Workforce: 

21st Century Workforce In an economy driven by knowledge rather than manufacturing, employers value very different skills, such as: Creativity Communication Presentation skills Critical thinking Enterprise and innovation Collaboration

3D World Curriculum: 

3D World Curriculum Preparing students for life in three separate, but interconnected worlds


Zoo Feeding Costs, KS3 ICT Activity from QCA ICT Sample unit 7.4


Average UK Family Water Use Adapted activity with real, relevant data


Average Malawian Water Use


ense f udience urpose When do students do tasks with a real purpose for a real audience?

Personalised Learning in ICT: 

Personalised Learning in ICT 7.1 – All about me 7.3 – Learning to Learn 7.4 – Water of Life 7.5 – Energy Survey 8.2 – Personal Website 8.3 – Web Search, Life in Malawi 8.6 – Film Reviews 9.2 – Global Youth Survey and Nat. Stats. 9.4 – Digital News Video

Can Global Education improve learning?: 

Can Global Education improve learning? Learning about real places and communicating with a real audience gives work more meaning and purpose. Learning with purpose improves motivation. Motivated learning improves progress.

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