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Ideas for putting global learning into the curriculum using effective ICT.


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Alex Savage Notre Dame High School, Norwich Real Issues Real ICT Collaboration

Shift Happens: 

Shift Happens What kind of world are we preparing our students for? What kind of jobs are we preparing out students for? What global problems are we preparing them to solve? What skills and abilities will be of most value in the future? What role will technology have to enhance their lives?

Global Pull ICT: 

Global Pull ICT Did you spend more time last night on the internet than watching tv? Have you communicated with someone in foreign country via the internet in the last 6 months? Do you have a personal website? Do you own a webcam? Do you have a track on your mp3 player in a foreign language?

Global Pull Curriculum: 

Global Pull Curriculum An enhancement of our existing curriculum, not a bolt on extra Teaching students to reach out to the wider world Finding real, quality information for research Providing real situations to use skills creatively Providing real audiences to share ideas with


Zoo Feeding Costs, KS3 ICT


Average UK Family Water Use


Average Malawian Water Use


ense f udience urpose When do students do tasks with a real purpose for a real audience?

Online Surveys: 

Online Surveys More girls than boys have their own website On average UK students eat more chips than students in the USA The average number of TVs in both countries is 4 The favourite subject in both countries is sport, but students do not get enough exercise in either country.


MY EMOTIONS TREE Hover your mouse over the tree. When you see a pointing finger, click to learn about when I feel like that person.


SUCCESSFUL I feel like this person when I am in my ICT lessons. This is because I am good at using computers and enjoy finding new ways to make things like web sites and leaflets.



Global Themes: 

Global Themes Energy Food Culture/Religions Water Peace/Conflict Health Fair Trade Wealth/Poverty Human Rights Everyday life Natural Disasters Olympic Ideals MDGs Sustainability International Organisations


websites Global Gateway International School Award Global Dimension Oxfam Cool Planet UN Cyberschool Bus BBC Newsround


Alex Savage Notre Dame High School, Norwich

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