Ten Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Research!

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Need help remembering how to search an online database? Look no further! This tutorial will get you started. Feel free to stop by the Communications Library with any further questions!


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Ten Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Research:

Ten Easy Steps to Jumpstart Your Research

Start on the Comm Library Website!:

Start on the Comm Library Website! The Communications Library website has links to the best databases for research in the field!

Chose a Database to Get Started!:

Chose a Database to Get S tarted! Once you chose a database, you will still have to select the hosting database. For Comm Abstracts, that is EBSCO.

EBSCO’s Search Interface:

EBSCO’s Search Interface EBSCO doesn’t look at all like Google but it will get you to more relevant articles much faster.

Start Broad, Narrow Later:

Start Broad, Narrow Later If you know generally what your topic might be, type it in on this page. You will discover better search phrases as you continue.

One Search Sparks Another:

One Search Sparks Another Don’t give up if your first search isn’t perfect! Often top results can give you hints on better search terms to try!

Ready For More?:

Ready For More? Click on the title to read the abstract and decide if the whole article will be worth reading!

Like What You See?:

Like What You See? From here you can get new search terms to try or jump to the full text of the article!

One More Transition:

One More Transition This should look familiar. Simply find the link to Online Full Text with the range of years you are looking for.

What To Do Once You’ve Arrived:

What To Do Once You’ve Arrived From here you can save the article, a citation, or a link to the website. If you are on a roll researching, save what you find and read later!

Full Text Article Online:

Full Text Article Online This is what your article will look like when you read it online. You can also save or print it from here!

That’s It!:

That’s It! If you have any further questions, stop by the Communications Library and we will be happy to help you as you continue your research. Happy Hunting!

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