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\ Distributor Corn Lamps

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Overview: What are corn Lamps? Why you need to replace your lighting with LED Corn Lamps? Who are We? Why to choose us? How to contact us?

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What are Corn Lamps? LED Corn Lamps drives its name due to its resemblance with a corn. Similar to the corn niblets on the corn the LED lights are numbered between 80 and 108 lights on the cob of the corn lights. The larger corn lamps consists of two distinct sections each having rows of lights covering all sides.

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Why you need to replace your lighting with LED Corn Lamps? Are a great alternative to save energy and lower energy bill. No gases or other harmful emissions No damage, such as fading Non existent heat compared to other HID bulbs L ong and reliable life Safe for skin and eyes

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Who are We? Green LED Lighting  is a leading distributor of corn lamps . We use innovative and global green technology to design and install energy-efficient lighting solutions for the commercial and industrial lighting market. Our mission is to transform how people use energy. Easy and affordable shopping.

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Why to choose us? Our products are: UL , CUL, DLC certified 360 degree lighting, high CRI Internal driver, input voltage AC100-277V No UV or IR in the beam Easy to install and operate Energy saving, long service life Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming Green and eco-friendly without mercury

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Hawaii Address: 91-226 Kauhi Street # 2A Kapolei, HI 96707-1884   Florida Address:    8860 Banyan Cove Circle,   Fort Myers FL 33919   Phone: 855-210-7079 Website http:// commercialledlites.com/led-bulbs/corn-lamps.html Email: info@greenlightingbiz.com

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