The Extras make the Difference when Choosing a Commercial Warehouse

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As a society, we are all about the extras, those little added bonuses that take an experience from average to amazing, and why should your commercial warehousing be any different?


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The Extras make the Difference when Choosing a Commercial Warehouse in Vancouver

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As a soci ety we are all about the extras those little added bonuses that take an experience from average to amazing and why should your commercial warehousing be any different There are plent y of spaces that can offer commercial warehouse space but what ’s often even mor e important are the additional ser vices they can provide. For busy business owners not having to worry about all the littl e detail s can spell th e difference between success and stress. If you are currently in the market for commercial warehous e space in vancouver here are some features you may want to ask about:

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Well this i sn’t necessarily a feature or added bonus however a good location is something that can’t be stressed enough. You might be abl e to save a few dollars by moving further away from transportation arteries but unless your business primarily caters to a local communit y you will end up spending way more than you save by skimping on a great location. Location

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Most commercial warehouses will provide the same basic ser vices: storage processing picking packing and returns. However it ’s the extras here that can really set a great commerci al warehouse apart from a basic one. Computer generated inventory and packing slips can h elp streamline processes and ensure precision and choosing a facility that offers an onlin e warehouse inventory management system can help guarantee you have access to vital i nfor mation when and where you need it. Digital Services

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Sometimes you only need a pl ace to temporality stor e goods that are in transit to their final destination . Finding a commercial warehouse that has the space to accommodate cross-docking can reduce your lead times and save money on labour and storage costs. Cross-Docking

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Some commercial warehouse facilities offer both warehousing and freight and logistics ser vices. This could be especially beneficial for small and medium sized businesses that do not have their own fleet of trucks. As an added bonus same day or next day freight is often available. Combining these ser vices often provides businesses a means of saving time and money on shipping costs. Freight Logistics

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Your business should have a dedicated customer ser vice rep there is nothing worse than having to call your warehouse except maybe having a client call your warehouse and not being able to get the information you’re looking for quickly and easily. The value of personalized ser vice can never be overrated. You need to have a point of contact who knows you your business and your merchandise so you can feel secure in knowing that your goods are in good hands. Dedicated Support Contact

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