How Does Obesity Affect Your Life

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Obesity is more harmful to our health than we realize. It is an invitation to a host of other diseases and complications.


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How Does Obesity Affect Your Life Obesity is a disorder in which there is deposition of excess fat in the body usually caused due to improper lifestyle habits such as overeating and lack of exercise but sometimes may also be due to genetic conditions or side-effect of treatment for other health condition. While a person can take certain measures to reduce his/her weight in some cases a medical intervention becomes necessary. Columbia Asia is a world-class hospital which is renowned for its highly effective obesity treatment program in Bangalore. It has the required facilities as well as a dedicated team of personnel to handle this condition in an efficient manner. Obesity not only reduces the level of confidence within you but also causes various diseases. High Blood Pressure: Obesity increases the risk of high blood pressure BP as the excess fat present in your body may get deposited in the blood vessels and does not allow the blood to pass freely through them. This increases the pressure on the walls of blood vessels and can cause high B.P . It is important that if a person is suffering from hypertension he/she seek immediate medical care. The doctors at Columbia Asia are famed for their weight loss surgery in Bangalore and are ably assisted by the trained paramedical staff and the superb facilities at the hospital. Coronary Heart Disease: Coronary artery is the blood vessel that supplies blood to the walls of the heart. The excess fat circulating in the body blocks the blood vessels and reduces the supply of pure blood to the walls of the heart. This increases the risk of chest pain heart attack or stroke. Type 2 Diabetes: The high amount of calories that get converted to blood glucose increases the risk of diabetes in the obese people.

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Osteoarthritis: The excess body weight exerts greater pressure on the joints cause wear and tear of the joints. Therefore people with obesity have greater risk of osteoarthritis. Sleep Apnea: The excess fat stored in the neck compresses the airways making them narrow and causes difficulty in the breathing. Due to this most of the obese patients experience breathlessness while sleeping. Kidney Disease: Increased blood sugar levels damage the kidney’s filters and cause leakage of albumin present in the blood into the urine. If the kidneys are damaged wastes are not filtered properly and these wastes build up in the blood stream. Fatty Liver Disease: As the name suggests this is characterized by the accumulation of fat in the liver which can eventually lead to irreparable liver damage or even liver failure. Pregnancy issues: Pregnant women who are overweight or obese may face an increased risk of developing gestational diabetes and having preeclampsia and may take a longer time to recover after delivery. If the extent of obesity is too severe to be cured by non-surgical methods surgery becomes essential to control this condition. Columbia Asia is a top-class bariatric surgery hospital in Bangalore and is equipped with the skilled surgeons and specialists who perform laparoscopic and bariatric surgery to arrest the deteriorating condition of obesity. This surgery works on the principle of reducing the size of the stomach to limit the storage of food and thereby decrease consumption in order to bring pregnancy the weight of the person under control. Another type of surgery available is called lipoplasty a type of cosmetic surgery that removes fat from the body. The Department of Gastroenterology at Columbia Asia hospitals is a highly-preferred destination for liposuction surgery in Bangalore for their ability to successfully treat this disease which is on the verge of acquiring worrying proportions. The bottom line is that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is the best preventive measure a person can take to combat obesity and should it become necessary it is recommended to seek prompt medical care from qualified healthcare personnel.

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