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Do you suffer from lower back pain? Here are some effective ways that improve your posture and reduce the chances that you experience lower back pain by making these positive lifestyle changes.


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Address: Kirloskar Business Park Bellary Rd Bengaluru Karnataka 560024 10 Ways to reduce back pain at the workplace We have been accustomed to the daily routine of life where we pay little attention to the things that matter the most. Most professionals complain of backache in the early 30s because of poor posture and most importantly because of the stress of the workplace. Lower back pain is the most common condition amongst working professionals today. Here are some effective ways you can improve your posture and reduce the chances of long term back pain. 1. Irregular sleep patterns: The body should get an adequate amount of rest so that it can recover from the constant strain. This might cause lower back pain and the diagnosed patients will have a hard time performing daily tasks. 2. Adequate physical exercise: Exercising pumps fresh blood all over the body and stimulates the joints and muscles so that they are healthy. Brisk walks swimming and stretching improve the muscles in the lower back while making it stronger and durable.

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Address: Kirloskar Business Park Bellary Rd Bengaluru Karnataka 560024 3. Correct your posture: Orthopedic spine specialists are of the opinion that lower back pains can be avoided if people keep correcting their postures every hour and ensure that they are sitting erect. Any extra strain to the lower back should be avoided. 4. See a doctor if pain persists: Lower back problems can be treated by Orthopedic Spine Specialist who has experience in treating this condition. The condition can be treated effectively by following the prescribed exercises and medication. 5. Core strengthening: The lower back is a combination of multiple muscles working together to keep the torso upright. Lower abdomen exercises can be very helpful for people having lower back problems. 6. Full body stretching: Make it a point to be loose. Keep your body limber and stretch once you wake up from sleep. Stretching keeps the muscles loose and the blood circulation consistent. 7. Quit smoking: Research from the best orthopedic hospital in Bangalore has shown that long term smokers have a tendency to get lower back problems because nicotine constricts the movement of smaller blood vessels. 8. Take breaks between works: It’s important for people to take short breaks get up from their chair and move about every hour. Sitting in one place and in the same posture can be damaging to the back muscles. 9. Use relaxation techniques: Deep breathing is very effective in stimulating blood flow to the lower back. Meditating and focusing on relaxing can be beneficial for the everyday worker. 10. Ice packs and heat packs: Orthopedic doctors believe that ice packs and heat packs not only relieve lower back pain but also can help in controlling it. It can be very comforting to tender lower backs.

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