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Color Code LLC is the leading offset printing company in Abu Dhabi, UAE packed with a team of professionals to make creative offset printing service at high quality according to the client need.For more, Visit :


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Advantage Of Offset Printing By Color Code LLC

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★ Offset printing is a form of printing technology that uses metal plates usually made out of aluminum that can transfer images onto rubber blankets followed by rolling and transferring that image onto paper. ★ This method is known as offset printing because ink is never directly transferred onto paper. ★ There are a number of advantages to using offset printing and we will discuss five of them here.

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Here are some advantage of offset printing 1. Large Volumes Of Images 2. Higher-Volume Image Printing Wide Variety Of Printing Surfaces 3. Offset Printing Presses Utilize Computer 4. Direct Printing

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1 . Large Volumes Of Images ★ Offset printing is often the best option when large volumes of images need to be printed and the color reproduction must be crisp accurate clean and an all-around professional-grade photo. ★ This method is typically used with books brochures magazines newspapers and stationery.

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2. Higher-Volume Image Printing ★ Not only are the images better for higher-volume image printing the overall cost factor for using offset printing is beneficial to the print shop. ★ The more that gets printed each cycle the greater the reduction in the price for each piece of print.

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3. Wide Variety Of Printing Surfaces ★ Offset printing will work on a wide variety of printing surfaces. ★ This includes cloth leather metal various grades and types of paper plastic and wood.

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4. Offset Printing Presses Utilize Computer ★ Many of the more modern offset printing presses utilize computer onto plate systems in place of computer onto film the previous type of work flow. ★ The switch to computer to plate printing presses has also resulted in higher quality images.

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5. Direct Printing ★ The ink which often fades and runs out when using methods of direct printing is more controllable with offset printing. ★ The operator controls the flow of ink by twisting and screwing keys. This helps to minimize wasted prints resulting from insufficient contrasts. ★ The printing plates can be made quickly and easily and have the capability to provide a million impressions.

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★ In today’s day and age offset printing is one of the most common ways for businesses to produce their printed materials. ★ This method of production is actually best suited for creating large volumes of high quality copies so no matter what industry you work in. ★ Offset printing in UAE is one of the most useful means of producing your materials commercially and at an affordable cost.

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