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Download free Adult Coloring Pages and relieve your stress!Be an artist at your own. Browse Color and Doodle for wide range of amazing printable coloring pages. See the Gospel Coloring Book in this special preview. Get five free pages from the book here:


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Top 5 Reasons to Color When you think about coloring you probably remember it as one of your happiest childhood pastimes. During those moments our biggest worry was staying inside the lines while our most difficult question was which color to use next. Takes you back…doesn’t it Well friend…you’re not the only one. Recollections like these have added fuel to the fire within the adult coloring revolution… but this rewind to simpler times isn’t the only benefit. Here’s our list of the top 5 reasons you should get started yourself 1. Your creative juices will start flowing… The fact that coloring has the ability to crank up your creative juices is undeniable. As you spend more time coloring you expose yourself to the use of color to complete increasingly difficult designs. Coloring is only the start You can easily think of it as a step towards tapping into your creative side and embracing that. 2. It relaxes you and helps you relieve stress… It’s no secret that coloring has been used as a form of therapy for decades due to its ability to calm anxiety and stress disorders. As you bring life and color to an image you’ll notice that it becomes easier to focus concentrate your mind and feel rewarded with your work.

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3. It’s a healthy distraction for you… The simple activity of adult coloring can help you disconnect from the daily stresses that surround you. The more time you spend coloring the less time you spend worried or with a screen in front of you. Sometimes it’s important to tap out…and coloring helps us do that 4. Coloring is good for your brain…As you color you exercise both the right and left hemispheres of your brain. Between thinking about the colors and then taking the steps to add them to the paper you are doing a lot to create balance between each hemisphere. Though this is awesome for a number of reasons the brain benefits don’t stop there. Coloring can also be extremely calming for your mind resulting in the same mindfulness that is created through meditation. This is especially true when you focus your attention on the calming zen-focused designs 5. It can help you connect socially… One of our favorite reasons to color has to do with connection. As adult coloring becomes more and more widespread it is also becoming more social. Whether at break time a coloring party or a family night coloring allows you to connect and enjoy another’s company as they participate alongside you. This makes coloring a great activity to decompress among friends and colleagues. It’s easy to understand why this favorite childhood pastime is all the rave. From the social aspect to the calming and relaxation effects coloring can inspire you and help you take steps towards becoming more creative. Coloring has a wide range of benefits but we think that these fine 5 top the list. We would love to hear what reasons motivate you to color Haven’t tried it for yourself yet Not a problem. Download some of our free coloring pages here and then let us know what you think Article By Color and Doodle

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About Author Hi I’m Arree Chung the founder of Color and Doodle. Thanks for stopping by I wanted to take a moment to tell you a little about me and why I created Color and Doodle. A long long time ago I worked as a business consultant. I made spreadsheets ALL DAY LONG. It was boring and sometimes stressful I needed a creative outlet and started making art art again. Art saved me. I ended up following my curiosity and now I’m a published author and illustrator of adult coloring books. Everyday I think of stories and work on bringing them to life. I love it Visit today to enjoy beautiful coloring pages experience.

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