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Pronunciation Regular forms of verbs in past simple/past participle (-ed endings)

Regular “-ed” endings…:

Regular “-ed” endings… finished worked called needed cleaned

Which is correct?:

Which is correct? “cleaned”


Answer /d/

Three endings:

Three endings / ɪd / - after sounds /t/ and /d/ /t/ - after unvoiced sounds /d/ - after voiced sounds

/ɪd/ - after /t/ and /d/ sounds:

/ ɪd / - after /t/ and /d/ sounds decide > decided treat > treated wait > waited need > needed + 1 syllable

Listen & Repeat:

Listen & Repeat Glen has decided to study abroad. This doctor has treated me before. We waited for you for over an hour. He needed your signature on the document.

Voiced & Unvoiced Sounds:

Voiced & Unvoiced Sounds Place two fingers against your throat. Say the sound “ ssss ” Now say the sound “ zzzz ” Say the sound “ ffff ” Now say the sound “ vvvv ”

Slide 9:

Which sounds caused vibrations in your throat? (“zzzz” and “vvvv”) These are examples of “voiced sounds” The others are examples of “unvoiced sounds”

/t/ - after unvoiced sounds:

/t/ - after unvoiced sounds finish > finished watch > watched work > worked kiss > kissed ( n o vibration)

Listen & Repeat:

Listen & Repeat I have finished my work for today. Bill watched films for six hours yesterday! He has worked here for almost ten years. Have you ever kissed a celebrity?

/d/ - after voiced sounds:

/d/ - after voiced sounds call > called study > studied save > saved enjoy > enjoyed (vibration)

Listen & Repeat:

Listen & Repeat Jeremy called you last night. I studied at Externado University. She has saved enough money for a ticket. They all enjoyed the party a lot.

Test yourself!:

Test yourself! walk accept marry like use avoid help unvoiced /t/ voiced unvoiced voiced /d/ unvoiced /t/ /id/ /d/ /t/ /d/ /id/ /t/

Read aloud…:

Read aloud… We walked for hours in the rain. Have you accepted his proposal? We have been married for 5 years. I have always liked this band. We all used the same materials. She avoided him for a week after their fight. They helped the children do their homework.

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