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Importance Of Gems In Astrology - Gemkart Gemstones have fascinated humans for more than 10000 years. When you look at the fine facets of brightly colored gem you cannot help but gasp at the sheer beauty of these stones that are nature’s gift to mankind. From centuries and centuries of loving patience. Well almost. A precious stone grows in the evolving womb of Nature – seasons rivers rains sunlight snow and a handful of magic And after all the intense years of this metamorphosis there lies it –blindingly bright extraordinary glistening in its own mystical hue hidden away in a crevice waiting by the wall of a cave an intriguing pebble from the heart a stream a glinting pinprick of crystal caught in the firelight or under a boulder next to a tree…. Wherever the seasons have cast their spell. Even in antiquity whose origins could not be ascertained or understood it is not surprising that it was thought that these beautiful formations could have supernatural powers. Define: A gemstone is naturally occurring crystalline form of a mineral which desirable for its beauty valuable in its rarity. There are some organic gemstones which come from plants or animals like pearlmoti coralmunga. But most gems are mineral: natural material with specific chemical composition.

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Gemstones in India: India is a land of ancient tradition and great heritage. A land that has produced finest natural gemstones from thousands of years. Jewels crafted for many kings and queens that have reined in the kingdom for many generations. As far as 77 AD Pliny the historian in his book ‘Histories Naturali’ had given information about gemstones in India. After the sacking of Golden Temple at Barmatpur Khausrau wrote “Its roofs and walls we laid with sparkling rubies and emeralds. The foundation of the temple which were mines of gold were dug up and its jeweled walls which were mines of precious stones pulled down. There were 500 mans of precious stones”. When we talk about gem treasures in ancient India we cannot ignore Mughal era. The fabulous time of Mughals were once considered as world’s richest in its time. During the reign of Akbar Rubies Yellow Sapphires Emeralds red and blue yakkuts were classified under 12 categories and pearls into 16 categories. In its own it is not viable when we talk about gemstones and we don’t mention India. Importance in Astrology In India records exist today which point clearly to a highly developed knowledge of astrology as far back as about 6500 BC. Astrology is one of the oldest forms of science. It is based on a body of knowledge known as the ‘Vedas’ which translates to ‘knowledge’ or ‘wisdom’ and is referred to as Jyotish — the ‘light of the heavenly bodies’. Today astrology is acknowledged as one of the most powerful while it is been practiced by thousands of astrologers and is followed by millions of people around the world. In various forms of astrology esp. Vedic astrology gemstones are regarded as remedy to safeguard against bad planets. Many ancient texts and manuscripts suggest that gems are being used as a remedial measure in astrology. According Garud Puran “A fine auspicious gemstone can counteract poison snake venom diseases and other dangers”. Astrologically gems have the capacity to increase the inherent power of particular planet. They are worn to gain power wealth health fame and relationships. Every gem absorbs radiation coming from the particular planet and subsequently it omits energy for the particular purpose. Based on the “Navratna” philosophy in Vedic astrology this ancient science recognizes the relationship between 9 planets and 9 gemstones. These nine gemstones are Pukhraj Neelam Panna Manik Gomedak LahSuniya Munga Moti and Hira. Know more at:

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