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Sochtek India website development company provides website designing and SEO services to USA , UK, Chandigarh India and across the world clients since 2005. Our expert team also provide SEM, SMO, clickfunnels, Google PPC and other IT services like Paypal integration, merchant account setup etc. contact at


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Website Design Development Company Sochtek India Chandigarh Sochtek: Web development means creating a website on the internet. The website may be static or dynamic. Moreover it’s a skill of creating text pages into worldwide presentation through basic hyper text markup languages HTML or other highly advanced web-development languages like PHP CSS ASP JAVAScript etc. Web developers have also started using content management system i.e. CMS. The CMS acts as intermediate between the Database and the user through Web browser. It allows non developers to change their website without having much knowledge about coding and database. Web Development is an art of bringing your thoughts and imaginations in form of text and images on the virtual web. A user can see the designed web-pages through internet enabled Desktop Computer Laptop iPod Kindle Smart phones and various other gadgets in browsers like Internet Explorer Firefox Google Chrome Safari etc. At Sochtek we design web-pages depending on the client requirements. There are two types of Website are as follows:  Static Website The content and layout of static pages don’t change unless we make manual updating on the web-pages through designing tools like Front Page Dreamweaver etc. Simple HTML pages are an example of static content.  Dynamic Website Sochtek also design dynamic Web Pages for its clients. Under Dynamic Web Pages the content can be changed on the client side by using client-side scripting languages JavaScript JScript Action script etc. to alter DOM elements DHTML.Compiling of dynamic content on server is compiled through server-side scripting languages Perl PHP ASP JSP ColdFusion etc.

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Websites having online products selling in form of Good or services like timely updating of news come under the dynamic platform. Feel free to contact us for designing developing and programming of ecommerce websites

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