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Hire A College Mentor – College Pirates If you are confused to choose which college will be best for you , you can hire a college mentor from college pirates. They will guide you completely which scholarships are applicable to you, what possible tuition costs are, and what living costs and much more college tips. For more : https://www.collegepirates.com/student/hire-college-mentor


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College Pirates Hire College Mentor More Than 80 Students Make The Wrong Decision About Their College Education. This Has Hurt Their Careers In The Long Run. Are you willing to risk your child becoming one of them Hire A College Mentor Today Get My Expert Mentor Now Expert College Mentors from

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Introducing College Pirates’ Hire a College Mentor Program: Get My Expert Mentor Now So your child is about to embark on the big stage: College

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I’m certain you are excited but with all the options that are available and all the universities that claim to be the best is there truly a way to know how to choose what’s best for your child Also now that your child is stepping into college are you sure that you’ve selected the RIGHT major Do you know what kind of activities and exams your child will be going through Every year millions of students across the world exit high school without knowing how to choose a college. A staggering 80 of these students once they leave college will go on regretting their decisions. Are you really certain about your child’s college selection

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Here comes College Pirates to Your Rescue What if we told you that there is a way for you to guarantee that you will be making the right choice for your child’s college Stop risking your child’s future and leaving it to chance there’s a solution

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that’s right here College Pirates offers you and your child your very own college mentor. This college mentor will guide you through making the right decisions BEFORE your child enters college. That means we’ll offer you everything from advise on which colleges are the best what to major in even which classes to take. For every doubt you and your child have in mind about your college search there’s College Pirates Let’s get more into the details about what a college mentor can help you with 1Learning about the college you’re interested in:Your college mentor who himself will be a current student or a recent graduate from the concerned college will help you out with the factors in choosing a

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college - telling you about the campus life events clubs safety and all the college tips and tricks that you should know before you commit. 2Learning about the major and future opportunities:Your college choice mentor will help you understand about the academics staff courses and future career opportunities related to that particular major so you can refrain from choosing the wrong one and stay safe 3Knowing about the scholarships expenses and budgeting:The college mentor apart from helping you find top colleges in the USA and other countries will also guide you through all the scholarships involved for your major and student status and will also tell you more about the tuition costs living costs and other expenses associated with college so you can plan things accordingly. Apart from all this amazing information your college mentors will also help you answer Visa questions help you with housing help and anything that will help you find a college perfect for you and your bright future Hiring a College Mentor is great for you if:  You already have a good idea on what kind of college do you want to get in and have shortlisted a few of them.

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 You want to know all the ins and outs of the particular colleges’ life major and all scholarships and costs involved to save you from any future regrets.  You want to secure your future and career opportunities by choosing a college that’s best for you Get My Expert Mentor Now 3000+Total number of st ud

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ents helped 350+Total expert mentors available 180000+Total consultation minutes completed Let’s get more into how college mentoring works: 1 Tell us what you need

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Do you need advice on how to pick a college Is your child fighting to enter one of the top colleges Or perhaps you just want some simple advice for college freshmen Let us know 2 Get an Expert Mentor Assigned Find colleges and get expert college advice from our student mentors. You won’t find information more unbiased and insightful anywhere else We’ll connect you to the right one who will address your needs. 3 Get complete advice to your satisfaction

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We’ll help you do your college search via video call or guide you through your child’s application to top colleges via a voice call -- whatever means as long as it’s convenient for you 4 Rate Review Tip Once you’ve received all the information and guidance you can leave comments for your college mentors helping them further improve their service or just tell them how much they’ve helped you. They’ll truly appreciate that Get My Expert Mentor Now

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So why should you take College Mentoring Here are the top benefits We’ll help your child choose the right college saving you thousands of dollars in the process. Consider us your college finder Get pre-informed about what your child can expect as he or she enters the college life: it’s campus the school culture specialties and everything in between No last-minute shocks This is the truest college advice for freshmen. Not sure you’re choosing a major your child will love We’ll provide your child with the perfect college tips on picking the right career So you’ll be sure your child will be more than willing to commit.

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Your College Pirates college coach guides you on which scholarships are applicable to you what possible tuition costs are and what living costs you’d have to prepare for. Know what you are going to spend before you start No non-sense Get unbiased information from our college consultants about everything you need to know. We’ll make sure your child will not only enter the best colleges possible but also live the best college life PLUS You also get the following benefits: We Make Sure You’re Satisfied Not satisfied with your current mentor feel like you aren’t getting the information that you need No worries We’ll replace your college mentor for FREE and we won’t stop until you’re satisfied.

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FREE 3 Cashback with every Session AND You get a 3 cash-back in the form of student credits on each session earning you more as you go. It doesn’t stop there Make Your First Friend Here With a college mentor from College Pirates your child can be making his first friend in the new college environment even after your sessions are over They’ll surely stay in touch The Risk is On Us Save your by picking the right college the right major and everything in between We’ll give you a 100 REFUND if you are not satisfied with the consultation. The risk is on us Get My Expert Mentor Now

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Whats More It’s ALL 100 Risk-Free Only for YOU We strive to make your child’s College Journey the best and most fruitful experience of your life and satisfaction is our highest priority If you don’t get any insightful information from our college counselors you get your investment back. No hassle. We promise. When we say Affordable We Mean it Here are some amazing benefits you get when you hire a college mentor at College Pirates:  FREE 3 Cash-back on every successful session  Get expert advice from students whove been there done that.  100 Refund Guarantee in case youre not satisfied

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CONTACT : 2035 Sunset Lake Road Suite B-2 Newark Delaware 19702USA. Mail : supportcollegepirates.com Website : https://www.collegepirates.com/student/hire- college-mentor

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