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If you are a college student and want to earn money online in your part time or full time from your home , College pirates offers best online jobs for college students. You can become a college mentor at college pirates. You have to guide new college comers about their selection of college , budgeting, career , education etc. Imagine -- you can get paid to share just your opinion!


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Become a part of the most innovative way you can help new students, make new friends, and earn money at the same time! Best Online Jobs for college student Now On College Pirates College Pirates Become A College Mentor Now


Look what we have achieved yet 


Become a college consultant and educate students about your college experiences, provide unbiased reviews, and opinions about the college life you’ve lived, cherished, and everything else that comes with it. Simply give college advice to those who need it, including details about: Campus safety, infrastructure, and environment from your experience Academics and possible opportunities Exciting Events, sports groups, and clubs to be a part of! To become a college advisor is to become the following: 1.The Coach for an Exciting College Life


When you become a college advisor with us, you shall provide complete and full-fledged information that new college students need in order to conquer their new college life. So that they can spend the major years in their career with less hassle and regrets. This means you’ll be sharing information about: Tuition costs, housing, and living expenses Scholarship information and eligibility criteria Admission guidance, and much more.. Become a college counselor to students who are still uncertain about what they want to major in. Just listen to a student’s thoughts on the matter, and give your opinion to guide the student choose a path. Imagine -- you can get paid to share your opinion! That’s one of the best part time jobs for college students you can find. Share your ideas on the following: Overall major difficulty and courses offered Staff quality, future path and opportunities Course planning and grading structures 2.A Mighty Major Mentor 3.An All-Around Guide 


What Benefit Will You Get Earn up to $120 per consultation Can you imagine earning that much Just for providing advice? Where else can you find online jobs for college students like that? You can be certain that you’ll find that only here! Consult at your convenience If you’ve ever asked yourself, “are there any jobs for college students near me?” Well, you’ve found the ultimate answer! You have the freedom to choose when and where you want to conduct your consultations. Taking on this good job for college students will impress your future employers who will appreciate your effort. With this unique addition, you’ll surely stand apart from the crowd. They’ll know you’ve got the passion. It’s resume friendly


Make New Friends By helping somebody out, you build the most lasting of connections. Work on one of the most fulfilling jobs for students ever! That makes this the best online part time job for college students. Establish Credibility When you become a consultant, helping new students get great advice, you establish your credibility as a person. Surely, these students will remember you for the impact you’ve created in their lives. Have Loads of Fun! Working as a college advisor is like having a never-ending stream of friends to share life’s great experiences with. You are not only sharing your opinions and knowledge, but you are also sharing great times.


Who are College Pirates College Mentors? They know they can give valuable input on some of the college campuses to new freshmen students Are willing to share their insights on all aspects of college life with their students Know how to listen intently to students concerns, and address them the right way Have the passion to help out new students find their way around their college search Love to meet new people, and make new friends wherever they are If you think you have these qualities in you, you are the perfect person we’re looking for! 


About us Our Mission Our Vision Our vision is to be the number one online destination for College students to get exceptional College help, to shape better lives, first in the U.S. and then the world. Our mission is making the College life journey as simple as possible, through satisfactory help from admissions to transfers, graduation to academics, and everything in between.


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