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We’ll Go Further : 

We’ll Go Further

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Some of us…we just knew before our children were born.

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Some of us knew shortly after we gave birth…nursing our babies day and night, rocking them in our arms, watching their first reactions …we knew that something was different.

where there are fewer boundaries. : 

where there are fewer boundaries. Some of us believe that Learning is as natural as Life itself. And so Learning should happen in a natural environment….

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For some of us, it took a wee bit longer. We realized when they got older that our children do not belong in the walls of a classroom. Nobody had prepared us for this. NOW what?!

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Some of us cried and screamed, over and over for help. Nobody understood...

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…and the pain was so strong that there were NO WORDS to describe it….

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So we gave up… and brought them back home.

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Many of us embrace the opportunity to learn again with our children….to reclaim some of our own childhood.

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Some of us simply don’t know what else to do. Our options are limited. At this time.

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And yet, for some of us … we still don’t know why we do it. We just do. We are brave.

But some things we know for sure… : 

But some things we know for sure… They are passionate. They believe. They know what they want… yet they need us so badly.

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They are young. They need time enough to play.

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They have passions.

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They dance. And play soccer.

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They’re gymnasts

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They paint. They swim. They’re musicians. They ski. And they have stories to tell.

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They are compassionate…

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…and true to themselves.

But sometimes… : 

But sometimes…

Sometimes… : 

Sometimes… They still cry for help. And so do we.

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Sometimes, we even cry more often than our children. Because the load we carry is simply too heavy.

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Sometimes, our children feel lost. Or confused. And so do we.

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Sometimes, we become so focused on learning that we think we have forgotten how.

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Sometimes we need to take three steps backwards so we can move forward again.

But MOST often… : 

But MOST often… we Believe.

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We embrace our children’s individualities and we celebrate them. We celebrate the freedom our kids have and the choices they are given.

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We learn WITH our children.

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We get to know our children in a way that most parents don’t experience. We are so fortunate.

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We absorb every moment with them now, while they’re young. We are very wise.

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We have so many reasons for what we do. And we are all so different, yet… Our differences are what brings us together.

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And By Coming Together, We Will Go Further.

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music by Angele Debeau & La Pieta “Princess Mononoke” words compiled by Colleen Clark

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