Enterprise and supplier development


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Collective Value Creation assists companies in the development and support of their Enterprise and Supplier Development strategies.


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WEL COME COLLECTIVEVALUECREATION The South African marketplace is experiencing an increasing amount of companies that are delivering supplier development offerings. The decision around which supplier development company to use can often be overwhelming. http//www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za/

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SUPPLIER DEVELOPENT http//www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za/ In the case of supplier development there is a strong need to customise the supplier development programme , and the better you wish to make the programme the more you will require the input of the end users that will be using the suppliers offering.

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http//www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za/ ENTERPRISE DEVELOPMENT Enterprise Development is the process of developing small to medium companies.  This is however a very broad definition.  In South Africa the definition of Enterprise Development differs a bit from the rest of the world.

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http//www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za/ Adress : 3 Columbine Avenue,Randpark City: Johannesburg , 2194 State: Gauteng Email: arun@collectivevaluecreation.co.za Phone No: 0845577711 Website: http://www.collectivevaluecreation.co.za/

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