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DAVID ABAH-IMMANUEL Personal Development Manager, Insightful Teacher & Leadership Consultant Certified Secretary & Administrator UNICEF Consultant on Youth Development British Council Examiner Consultant to over 50 Nigerian Schools Lagos Business School Alumni Certified Project Management Consultant Author of 5 Books Public Speaker, Preacher and Proprietor Director, Akure Business School

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Course Outline Understanding Yourself Winning the battle of Identity Personal Branding Neuro -linguistic Programming Personal Motivators The Power of Choice Internal Dialogue Character & Personality Ethics The Impact of Attitude Balancing Life and Character

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Success is not only the achievement of your personal set goals. Success is who you are. In the game of life, success or failure is up to you. So if you succeed, it is your fault and if you fail, it is your fault. The world is an orchestra, you are a player. All of us are playing some part in the production of life’s harmony. Introduction

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Introduction (cont.) Too many people are like the goldfish swimming around and around in a goldfish bowl, never getting anywhere. Just like the caged squirrel, who chases around his wheel until, at last exhausted, he finds himself just where he started.

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Introduction (cont.) Life is not a game of chance but unfortunately only a few people make things happen during their lifetime. A lot more watch things happen while the majority wonder at the things that happen. “Life during NYSC shouldn’t be a GOBLET to the drained; but a MEASURE to be filled.”

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Introduction (cont.) The greatest need of our time is an all round Personal effectiveness. Business, Industry, Government, Education, Labour , and even Religion are all starving for effective leadership which is a direct result of personal effectiveness.

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The world is divided into Leaders and followers. You have been a follower until you answered the call to NYSC. I am here to help bring an all important paradigm shift in your life by simply reminding you of a few universal principles that separates Leaders from followers. Introduction (cont.)

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You are destined for greatness and created for success. You were made on purpose and for a purpose. There is a job on earth which no one else can do as well as you. You were created to be the solution to someone’s problem and the answer to someone’s question. The Relevance of Personal Effectiveness

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This can only be done if you are willing to allow all your old believes to die. So that they can give way to new ones, if you change your way of thinking, you simply have changed your life and that defines Personal Effectiveness.

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It is a proven fact that personal effectiveness is the foundation for success at work and in life. The starting point to understanding the world and other people is personal effectiveness. One major reason a lot of people have passed through this scheme and have failed or are still failing in life and career is that they take on difficult challenges without knowing clearly what they want or what is required for success

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All you will need to climb up the ladder of success is rooted in the fundamental secrets of personal effectiveness . Please do not relent in building up yourself. ………………………………… Are you here to complete the number or make an impact?

Understanding Your self :

Understanding Your self

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Self – Mastery is the ability to understand yourself and also understand how to relate to different personality styles, to crystallize your thinking so that your most functional mindset and paradigms are always used in solving problems and reacting to situations in the workplace. Self Mastering

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It involves the use of emotional intelligence to deal with personal emotions and manage relationships, to establish an effective value and believe system and to determine a strategic plan for your life. A good understanding of yourself shows you how to take responsibility for developing and managing yourself and thereby improving your professional and personal effectiveness. Remember that Self-Management is the foundation for success at work and in life

David’s Life Cycle:

David’s Life Cycle

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Elon Musk Born June 28, 1971 (age 40) Pretoria, South Africa [1] Residence Bel Air, Los Angeles, California Education B.S. in Economics and B.A. Physics from University of Pennsylvania Occupation Engineer/Entrepreneur Known for co-founder of Zip2, PayPal , SpaceX , Tesla Motors Salary $1 [2] Net worth $1.9 billion [3] Title CEO and CTO of SpaceX Chairman of SolarCity CEO of Tesla Motors Spouse Justine Musk 2000–2008 Talulah Riley 2010–2012 Children Five sons

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Abuse of Self What an Insult to the GREAT CREATOR who fashioned us wonderfully and fearfully in His own image that we graduate from high schools and universities, we become proficient in Languages, in music, in art and a vast travel culture but have very little understanding of the various organs and functions upon which our lives depend

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It’s all up to you to discover and obey the wonderful laws upon which your own bodily happiness is based. Nothing else is so important to man as the study and knowledge of himself, and yet he knows less of himself. we find young men and women turned out of school, full of theories and all sorts of knowledge, but without the ability to succeed because nowhere along the line have they been taught success principles. - Tony Enumelu

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Learn to expect success and believe that you were born to achieve. Just as the acorn is destined to become an oak. Give yourself hope and build your confidence.

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“Record has it that many Corps Members throw away little opportunities for self-culture because they cannot see great ones. They let the YEAR slip by without any special effort at self improvement, until they are shocked in middle life, or later, by waking to the fact that they are still ignorant of what they ought to know.” - Wole Soyinka

Winning the battle of identity:

Winning the battle of identity

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Find your place, fill your space, run your race and sit on your throne. Life is all about making impact on the earth rather than completing the number of people in existence. To become a reference, you must discover your purpose, pursue your purpose and fulfill the same purpose.

What is Purpose:

What is Purpose Purpose is the reason why something is created. It is the intention in someone’s mind to make something (Purpose exist before a product is made) It is the result that something is designed to achieve The question that something is created to answer. The solution that something is created to proffer. You were meant on intent

Tragedy of Life:

Tragedy of Life Tragedy is a story with a sad end. The tragedy of life occurs when someone fails to discover why he or she was born until death. The greatest discovery in life is the discovery of purpose, while the worst failure is to become successful in a wrong assignment.

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Purpose is when you KNOW AND UNDERSTAND what you were born to accomplish. Vision is the strategy you have discovered to fulfill your purpose. Your Ambition is what you aspire to be or what you want done.

The Power of Purpose:

The Power of Purpose Purpose is powerful, it is glorious, it is life itself. Purpose generates energy, zeal, burning desire on the inside of you. Purpose provokes courage and self confidence (Hesitation is always a result of uncertainty) Purpose makes you unstoppable Purpose provokes faith. Your success in life is directly connected to your purpose and destiny. Your purpose is your identity and the major reason for your existence .

Where do I find My Purpose:

Where do I find My Purpose Look inside you and around you. What do you see? Inside you contains your gifts and potentials. Around you contains the problems and the needs that you were created to solve.

Where do I find My Purpose:

Where do I find My Purpose Look inside you and around you. What do you see? Inside you contains your gifts and potentials. Around you contains the problems and the needs that you were created to solve.

Assignment :

Assignment Identify at least three gifts or talents which you operate in with ease. Look around you and identify at least five social, economic or political problems. Describe which of the problems your talent can solve.

Branding Your Vision to Reality:

Branding Your Vision to Reality

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There is nothing as powerful as an idea whose time has come. Lets consider President Barak Obama He made a speech at the Democrats Convention in 2004, and caught the attention of the leadership of his party Lessons: God is on your side Reach for the Top Don’t give up All obstacles which should have derailed Obama refused to occur The Global Economic Crises The Terrorist groups all went to sleep

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Purpose Vision On Your Marks, Get Set GO Evaluate Brand

Consider these Nigerians too::

Consider these Nigerians too: Barr. Jimoh Ibrahim Comrade Abba Moro Frank Nweke Jnr. Agbani Darego MKO Abiola

Lets Consider other World Brand Sports:

Lets Consider other World Brand Sports Lionel Messi Christiano Ronaldo

PowerPoint Presentation:

Kobe Bryant Usain Bolt

PowerPoint Presentation:

Tiger Woods Lance Amstrong Micheal Phelps


Business Aliko Dangote Jim Ovie Richard Branson Johnson & Johnson Kenturkey /McDonalds/Mr. Biggs Next/Pink/T.M Lewis/Marks & Spencer Tony Elumelu


Leadership John C. Maxwell Jack Welch Rudolph Guiliani Barak Obama Olusegun Obasanjo


Innovation Steve Jobs Fred Smith Bill Gates Mary Kay Ash Walt Disney

Peak Performers:

Peak Performers Anthony Robbins Les Brown Stephen R. Covey Enoch A. Adeboye Fela Durotoye Myles Munroe

What is Vision?:

What is Vision? A vision is a concise statement defining the long term direction that an organization or an individual ultimately intends to go. Personal Visions are revelations from God. They are like dreams but usually experienced while the recipients is still alive.

Vision generally comprises of inspirational renderings of a future state. Vision is about a desired future.:

Vision generally comprises of inspirational renderings of a future state. Vision is about a desired future. Vision can come in a dream It can come when you are left alone thinking. It can come through a conversation. It can come through searching for inspiration. It can come through a disappointment

Importance of Vision:

Importance of Vision It helps to give us direction It helps us have a sense of focus It helps us maintain a purpose driven life It makes us accountable It gives us clarity

This is David Immanuel:

This is David Immanuel Who are you? I am a Personal Development Manager, A creative agent, Value Enhancer, and an Agent of Change in the Human Capital Market. What is Your Purpose? School this generation into exploits while reconciling them to God What is Your Vision? School this generation into exploits while reconciling them to God What are Your Strength? Divine Ideation, Strategic & Creativity in Human Development Where lies your Passion? Human Development Industry What are your likes? Challenging conventions, developing solutions that works and helping lost people find reasons to live again. ( Adullam Story).

Great Visioners:

Great Visioners Martin Luther King Jnr. Mother Theresa Albert Einstein Thomas Edison Graham Bell Walt Disney Wright Brothers Honda Christopher Columbus Henry Ford John F. Kennedy David Oyedepo


Lessons Think Big, Start Small but grow fast “You can have it all but you cant have it all at once”. Big, Bold, Impactful and Long Lasting Action (Do It)

Key Principles of Personal Vision:

Key Principles of Personal Vision Talk less…..listen more Be Vigilant Query Conventions……challenge the status quo The company you keep ( - & /) (+ % X) Habit …… Are you a Party animal or social freak? Pay for Time See Opportunities not limitations

Nature of Personal Vision:

Nature of Personal Vision Outlives the Originator….. Good people die, but great Visions don’t. Exclusivity Value…..Do something different and Patent it as your idea.

Consider these circles::

Consider these circles: Education Household Products Business Pharmaceutical Telecoms Housing Building Fashion Transport Entertainment Food Sports Human Capital ? What Can You see?

You are a Nigerian:

You are a Nigerian We are the biggest market in Africa. Our large population is a ready market that consumes volumes of whatever product you care to produce. Large Population + General Daily Needs = Opportunities for Innovation.

PowerPoint Presentation:

What is desirable to users? What is possible with technology What is viable in the marketplace The best way to wealth creation is entrepreneurship

Neuro-Linguistic Programming:

Neuro -Linguistic Programming

PowerPoint Presentation:

The name Neuro -Linguistic Programming comes from the three areas it brings together. N – Neurology: The mind and how we think. L – Linguistics: How we use language and how it affects us. P – Programming: How we sequence our actions to achieve our goals.

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NLP studies brilliance and quality – how individuals and organizations get their outstanding results. This teaches how we should think about our values and beliefs and also how we can create our emotional states and construct our internal world from our experience and give it a meaning. No event has meaning in itself, we give it meaning, and different people may give the same event different meanings. So, NLP says when you change from the inside then you will see changes around you.

The Soweto Slum Boy:

The Soweto Slum Boy

What is NLP?:

What is NLP? NLP is the study of the structure of subjective experience NLP is an accelerated learning strategy for the detection and utilization of patterns in the world NLP is the epistemology of returning to what we have lost – a state of grace. NLP is whatever works NLP is the influence of language on our mind and subsequent behaviour NLP is the systemic study of human communication NLP is the method for modeling excellence so it can be duplicated.

The Six Basic Principles of NLP:

The Six Basic Principles of NLP YOU: Your emotional store and level of skill. You are the most important part of any NLP intervention. You make NLP real by what you do. The Presuppositions: The Presuppositions of NLP are its guiding principles, those ideas or beliefs that are presupposed, that is, taken for granted and acted upon. Rapport: The quality of relationship. Rapport is the quality of relationship that results in mutual trust and responsiveness.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Outcome: Knowing what you want. A basic skill of NLP is being clear about what you want and being able to elicit from others what they want. Three basic elements of outcome thinking: Know your present situations – where you are now. Know your desired situation – where you want to be. Plan your strategy – how to get from one to the other, using the resources you have or creating new ones.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Feedback: How do you know you are getting what you want? once you know what you want, you have to pay attention to what you are getting, so you know what to do next. What are you paying attention to? Is your feedback both precise and accurate? Flexibility: If what you are doing is not working, then do something else or try other styles.

What does NLP do?:

What does NLP do? NLP brings about self-development and change. first, you use it to work on yourself to become the person you really want to be and can be. Also, you work on yourself so that you can effectively help others. Self – development is the equivalent of putting your own mask on first. The more you know about yourself, the more you are able to succeed personally, help others and your organization. “NLP is not about fixing other people and neglecting yourself. Put on your mask first and avoid the golden handcuffs.”

PowerPoint Presentation:

When you approach change and self –development as a Corper , you need to be congruent, in the other words you need to be determined to succeed and believe in what you are doing. Be committed to making the change, so that you don’t sabotage yourself. Secondly , you need to establish rapport, in other words work within a relationship of trust and mutual influence. Thirdly , you need to establish what you want to achieve in that change. Lastly, you “future pace” that is, you menially rehearse the new change and learning. This reinforces it and means that you will remember to act differently when the time comes to test what you have learned.

Ecology of NLP:

Ecology of NLP Ecology is a concern for the overall system. An ecology check is when you consider how the change you are making fits into the wider system. Ensure that what looks like a good change in one part of a system does not cause problems in other areas. Many personal and organizational changes fail because the systems boundary is drawn too narrowly and the ‘side effects’ turn out to be major headaches. An ecology check is like checking a drug for bad side effects even if it cures the illness. As part of an NLP technique, an ecology check ensures that NLP does not become manipulative, that your actions do not lead to your gain and another person’s loss. An ecology check for yourself ensures that you do not manipulate yourself in forcing yourself into some course of action that you will come to regret later or that will hurt another person badly.

Internal Ecology:

Internal Ecology An internal ecology is when you check with your own feelings that a course of action would be a wise one to follow. External Ecology An external ecology check examines how your outcomes will affect other significant people in your life. Make a leap of the imagination and become them How will your change affect them? Does it go against any of their values? Does this matter? How will they react?

The Conscious & Unconscious Mind:

The Conscious & Unconscious Mind All change takes place first at the unconscious level. Then we become aware of it.

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“The Unconscious” is used in NLP to indicate everything that is not conscious. So the unconscious is a ‘container’ for many different thoughts, feelings, emotions, resources and possibilities that you are not paying attention to at any given time. When you switch your attention, then they become conscious. Some beliefs and values remain unconscious but guide your life without you ever realizing how powerful they are. Some part of your physiology will always remain unconscious 9e.g.) the carbon dioxide concentration in the blood, how your heart beats, what your liver is doing. The more important and life – sustaining die function, the more likely it is to be unconscious. It would be very awkward if you had to remember consciously to make your heart beat, regulate your digestion or make your bones regenerate.

PowerPoint Presentation:

“The Conscious Mind” is like the rider of a horse, steering and guiding, setting outcomes and deciding directions. These then pass into the unconscious and we start to take actions to achieve them. The unconscious is like the horse that actually does the work in getting to where the rider wants. It is not a good idea to let the horse set the direction.

Outcomes of NLP:

Outcomes of NLP Success Wealth Poverty Indebtedness Confused Sick Legacy Frustrated Retired Dead

What Do You Really Want?:

What Do You Really Want? An outcome is what you want. A desired state, something you don’t have in your present state. Outcomes “come out” when we achieve them, hence the name and the first step towards achieving them is to think them through carefully. By selling an outcome you become aware of the difference between what you have and what you want. This difference is the problem. when you have set an outcome and are clear about your desired state, then you can plan to make the journey from one to the other. You become proactive, take ownership of the problem and start to move towards a solution.

PowerPoint Presentation:

When you do not know what you want, there are many people who are only too delighted to set you to work getting their own outcomes. You gladly will pock up yourself in golden handcuffs. An outcome is not the same as a task. An outcome is what you want, a task is what you have to do to achieve it. Don’t do tasks until you set your outcomes. “Problems are not solved unless you have an outcome”

PowerPoint Presentation:

Change is a journey from an unsatisfactory present state towards a desired state, which is your outcome. Note that you will need to make use of various resources to help you make the journey. What are your available resources? Present State Desired State Service Year After Service Year (Where you are (Where you want but prefer not to be) to be)


Resources Mental Strategies Language Physiology Emotional State Your Success Beliefs and Values

Personal Motivator:

Personal Motivator

PowerPoint Presentation:

“You are the greatest motivator God gave to yourself, so talk to yourself everyday” No one ever gets to the top relying on other peoples motivation. Until Mohammed Ali moved from the level of being begged to slow down to the level of being begged and encouraged to get up and fight, he lost his belt. All you need to do is to become what money is looking for, and you will begin to attract money rather than pursuing it.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Consider these men: Dr Myles Munroe vs Sesan

The Power of Choice:

Expand your inner vision and then manifest it into reality, this is easily done by the choices you make. The subconscious mind works very much like a film in a camera. – Napoleon Hill The Power of Choice

Which Wolf are you feeding?:

Good Wolf Faith Courage Love Optimism Thanksgiving Belief Trust Honesty Perseverance Openness Which Wolf are you feeding? Bad Wolf Pride Anger Jealousy/Envy Laziness Unbelief Pretence Pessimism Depression Low Self Esteem Fear.

The Impact of Attitude:

The Impact of Attitude

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Attitude” the principal asset for personal & group development. Attitude is the common denominator in everything we do. What is Attitude? Attitude is the way we think or feel about something or someone. Attitude is the way you behave towards something or someone. All things being equal attitude wins, good attitude still wins Attitude is everything.

The Power of Attitude?:

The Power of Attitude? It reflects you It determines your future It determines your success It determines your health It determines your relationships It determines your wealth It determines your joy It determines your choices

Attitude is a choice.:

Attitude is a choice. Life is a combination of choices Everyone makes choices everyday Important factors of choices You choose your situation You choose your reaction to the situation You are totally responsible for your choices.

Attitude check-up:

Attitude check-up The Power of self awareness The Power of feedback Attitude: the good, the bad and the in-between. Bad Good In - between

The Good Attitude:

The Good Attitude Happiness Love Ready to Help Always Learning Can – Do Hard work Aptitude to Teach.

The Bad Attitude:

The Bad Attitude Things that lead to bad attitude are certain experiences of the past, present circumstances and anxiety about the future. What Now? If Only What if?

Attitude Check-up Workshop:

Attitude Check-up Workshop Never allow the failure of the past to affect you. The future is not for us to worry about, focus on the present and the decisions we make today creates or breaks the future. IF Only………. Baggage of the Past WHAT NOW…. Luggage of the Present WHAT IF…. Burden of the future

Examples of Bad Attitude:

Examples of Bad Attitude Pride Anger Jealousy/Envy Laziness Back Biting/ Back Stabbing Pretence Over Ambition

Root Causes of Bad Attitude:

Root Causes of Bad Attitude Background Experience Fear Resentment & Anger Inability to handle Change Low Self – Esteem Depression Desperation Pessimism

The In - Between:

The In - Between Realize that you need to change Be committed to change

Objects of Attitude:

Objects of Attitude Attitude to God Attitude to Life Attitude to Parents Attitude to Your Leaders Attitude to your Colleagues Attitude to Business Attitude to Health Attitude to Wealth Attitude to Challenges

Attitude is Everything:

Attitude is Everything A B C D A = 1 E F G H T = 20 I J K L T = 20 M N O P I = 9 Q R S T T = 20 U V W X U = 21 Y Z D = 4 E = 5 Total = 100%

Balancing Life at NYSC:

Balancing Life at NYSC Who are you? Are you a Lion King or a Lion Sheep?

PowerPoint Presentation:

The task ahead of you is never greater than what is inside of you. Let Nothing Stop You!

PowerPoint Presentation:


Recommended Books:

Recommended Books As a Man thinketh - James Allen Failure is not an option - David Immanuel Business at the speed of thought - Bill Gates Good to Great - Jim Collins Built to Last - Jim Collins The 48 Laws of Power - Robert Greene Effectiveness to Greatness - Steven Covey The Principles & Power of Vision – Myles Munroe Innovative Secrets of Steve Jobs - Steve Jobs Words of your mouth - Jim Rohn The Mental Millionaire

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