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Coletta Sport fishingin San Diego has the best fishing charter boat. Wanu the boat offersgreat flexibility of fishing activities in deep sea. Most of our clients are likeour fishing adventure and enjoying their holidayson Wanu.It is equipped with latest lifesaving equipment and necessities.


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The fishing charter service provider at San Diego, ColettaSportfishing Charters offers San Diego fishing trips up to 6 customers, the service lasts (5 1/2) hours to twelve (12) hours. It is regarded as one of the best fishing charter service in San Diego. Captain Chris is the key figure while arranging a memorable trip for customers of every age and ability. While giving the opportunity to our customers of catching fish, our commitment lies with their safety and comfort. We are also been to multi-party and corporate tournament trips. We are known for being the provider of our most popular “Signature Service” for an exciting, enjoyable day on the water. One of the biggest advantages ColettaSportfishing has that whenever you send your query, a person such as Captain Chris responds on time. Other important persons at ColettaSportfishing such as Capt Hale and Matt are really awesome in explaining everything, being on the cruise which makes the clients more comfortable.  Customer service and timely communication hold key to the charter services. Best Charter Boat San Diego

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No matter how luxurious your charter may be, the crew must be efficient. Being guided by an experienced crew head like Capt. Chris, it makes altogether very easy. Good charter service being identified with a great yacht, great owner, great captain and the great crew and ColettaSport fishing blend everything. We are equipped with the latest life-saving devices and the many other required items that make our customers and crew safe while being out on the ocean. Everybody would want to hook up with us at the same time.  Our boat and trips are extremely kid friendly and love to introduce junior anglers to sportfishing . We bring you complete information about catch in different calendar months. So plan you trip today as per the catch you want. For more information please visit our website at

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