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Being a reputed Digital Marketing Agency in Noida, Coineption Technology provides the variety of digital marketing services to the clients around the globe. In Digital Marketing Service, SEO, SMM, SEM and Google Adwords activities have been involved for promotion. Old marketing techniques are not in the trends now. Almost all the industries are availing the services of digital marketing for their business growth. Digital marketing helps the business for targeting in a specific region or in any particular country. Know more about digital marketing services -


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Digital Marketing Agency:

Digital Marketing Agency

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Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing is a broad term that encapsulates all marketing channels and methods you can use to promote products or services on the Internet but also on electronic devices such as TVs and mobile phones etc. Various Digital Marketing Channels are.. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Social Media Marketing (SMM) Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Search Engine Marketing (SEM) Email Marketing digital marketing

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Search Engine Optimization

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For any websites, search engine optimization (SEO) is a crucial task. Without SEO, it’s difficult to get high rank in search engines. There are two “types” of SEO: ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE . On-Page SEO helps in making the website according to Search Engine’s Guidelines. The major tasks involve in On-Page SEO are keyword research, URLS creation, creation of good content and Headers Tags etc. Off-page SEO is the tasks which you do on other sites that affects the ranking of your website. It includes link building creation, social shares and local SEO. What is seo ?

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If any website is ranking into Google on first page, than there is a high chance that visitors will come to your site and these visitors can turn into valuable customers. There are various benefits of SEO: SEO BENEFITS Get Website’s Keyword Ranking in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other Search Engines Generating Organic Traffic on Website Brand Promotion Sell Products Online Generating Lead for Business

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Social Media Optimization

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For any websites, social media marketing is both a way to stay present in the minds of consumers and a customer service method. Social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , and Instagram etc allow brands to share content, Images, video, receive feedback, connect with customers and resolve potential problems quickly. You do not have to set up every social media account on this list. You can also join different or new social media networks later depending on your interest, time, and usage plans. Social media marketing

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Here are the major benefits of social media marketing for your business. That ultimately leads your business to the new level. SMM BENEFITS Improve Brand Authority Creates Strong Relationships With Customers Increase Brand Awareness Get More Direct Traffic It also helps in improving ranks in Search Engine Immediate Feedback From Customers SMM activities can be started in a limited budgeted also

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Paid Marketing

Paid marketing Activities:

Paid marketing Activities Run PPC Campaign Run Display Campaign Paid Social Campaign Paid Guest Post Generation We can do the following paid activities for Website.

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Pay Per Click

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a great way to generate short-term revenue and attract visitors to your website. PPC can be used to supplement your SEO efforts, as a second revenue stream, or it can be used temporarily while waiting for your optimization to “kick in” and generating organic traffic on your website. PPC advertising is available through two main providers: Google (through its AdWords program) and Microsoft (through its Bing Ads program). Typically, PPC has a very high ROI, since you will only pay a few cents per click unless you are bidding on very popular keywords. Ppc campaign

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Paid Social Campaign

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Paid Social campaigns are used to amplify your reach, increase traffic of mobile users, boost brand awareness, enhance your targeting area (specific area) and maximize your content marketing. The beauty of this technique is that you can start the social campaign in the limited budget. Gradually, increase the budget to generate more traffic. Paid social campaign

Coineption technology:

Coineption technology Being a reputed Digital Marketing Agency in India, Coineption Technology provide the variety of digital marketing services to the clients around the globe. We stick on our words and achieve the targeted results for the client's business. We are providing Digital Marketing Services, which include: - SEO - SMM - Google Adwords

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Coineption technology pvt . Ltd. G-294,1st floor, Sector 63, Noida Uttar Pradesh Website: Email: info @ mobile: +91-9667300438


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