How to Write an Effective and Quality Medical Research Paper

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How to Write an Effective and Quality Medical Research Paper


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How to Write an Effective and Quality Medical Research Paper


Medical Research Paper Writing Writing a medical research paper is an art. It is an area of continuous improvement and the journey to perfection is accomplished through practice. Practice not only involves writing authentic scientific information, but rather many other aspects are also included. These aspects are formatting, the structure of the paper, font size, alignment, paragraphing, and spacing between the lines, active and passive voice and correct grammar. 


Essentials of Effective Medical Research Paper It should be written clearly, accurately and precisely. The writing should be evidence-based and authenticated by references and additional data. The article should be written keeping in mind the target audience. The research paper or article should not be copied, free from plagiarism and without any data fabrication. Poorly written English including grammar and vocabulary.


Format of Medical Research Paper Title Abstract Introduction Methods Results Discussion Conclusion References


Common Mistakes in Writing Medical Research paper Vague or unclear research aim. Poorly planned structure. Instructions of the journal are not followed. Word count significantly exceeds the maximum limit. Absence of comprehensive information. Discussion and conclusion fail to answer the research question.


Tips to Write an Impactful Medical Research Paper


The medical research paper should be written through proper planning and structure in hand . A chaotically written research paper is bound to be rejected during the review process . Following are some of the tips that prove to be useful in medical manuscript writing


Choose the topic wisely:   There are various criteria for choosing the topic. Some criteria such as your interest are under your control while other criteria such as availability of information and the possibility of research are out of your purview. Sometimes the topic may also be decided by your guide. Choose the topic that ticks the maximum number of boxes.


Plan the structure carefully:   Working without planning takes you nowhere. Developing an outline for carrying out the research is of immense help while setting a realistic target. You may also mention the appropriate time to reach each milestone, if possible.


Get into the shoes of reviewers:   If you have already undergone a paper rejection state or being asked for a paper revision, you should review your paper like a reviewer. You should try to figure out what the reviewer requires in your paper. Planning the structure of the paper will solve most of your doubts.


Optimally utilize the resources:   Scientific manuscript writing  is not an easy task and a lot of resources are to optimally utilize to arrive at an acceptable research paper. These resources include attending seminars, comprehensive internet searching, reading relevant books and taking an appropriate help from your guides and mentor.


Avoid last-minute writing:   Medical manuscript writing demands a lot of time and correction through the process. Initiating Medical paper writing at the last minute will deteriorate the quality and does not allow enough time for review which is an essential element.


Recognize the power of grammar:   Grammar and vocabulary are also important components in medical manuscript writing for creating a positive impact on the reviewer. Using tough words, one-word sentences and redundant words may decline the quality of the research paper.


Follow the guidelines of the journal:   Medical research paper writing  should follow the guidelines set by the journal. The guidelines may include the structure, formatting, number of words and reference style . Including the references:  References provide authenticity to the information taken from other sources. It increases the overall credibility of your research paper.


Review your work after 10 days:  After completing medical paper writing, keep your research paper away for 10 days. Present the data nicely:   Medical paper writing  is all about presentation of information substantiated with adequate data.  Reviewers and subsequent readers easily comprehend the data presented in the tabulated form.


Never copy:   Copying someone’s work in medical article writing is considered highly unethical and immoral in the research arena. Make your diagrams:  Diagrams are an important part of Medical manuscript writing. The research is yours and nobody other than you is the best person to explain the research.


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