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Five Competencies of Leadership : 

By Kimara Cobbs Five Competencies of Leadership

Leadership : 

Leadership Learn and adapt to change Use both logic and intuition to guide the organization’s direction Balance structure and chaos according to stakeholders need Risk taking within a safe environment

Five Competencies : 

Five Competencies Vision/Mission Shared Values Strategy Empowerment Motivation

Vision/Mission Definition : 

Vision/Mission Definition Vision – should describe where the organization wants to be Mission – the mission defines why the organization exists and what it does

Mission/Vision : 

Mission/Vision Strengths Use the organization mission to guide my decision making Communicate vision through my behavior Weaknesses Staying focused in disappointing times Staying focused when there are constant changes in leadership

Shared Values Strengths & Weaknesses : 

Shared Values Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths Sharing Common Goals Everyone should be on the same page Weaknesses My personal values can differ from leadership values

Strategy : 

Strategy Strengths Gather information before making decisions Encourage people to act on information rather than assumptions Clarify the problem before making a solution Weaknesses Slow to respond and not seeing the “Big Picture”

Empowerment : 

Empowerment Strengths Include others on decision making Engaged in my personal development Weaknesses Issues releasing power to others Need to improve my coaching and mentoring skills

Motivation : 

Motivation Strengths Use my power responsibly Seek advice and maintain a positive spirit Not easily influenced Weaknesses Confidence in others Need to develop referrent power

Five Competencies Model : 

Five Competencies Model Strategy Vision/Mission Shared Values Empowerment Motivation

Conclusion : 


References : 

References Gill, R. (2006). Theory and Practice of Leadership. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publication

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