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Change Management : 

Change Management By Kimara Cobbs

About Saint Louis university : 

About Saint Louis university Saint Louis University (SLU) Existence National Recognition Benefits Company Culture.

Definition : 

Definition Change Management - is a systematic approach to dealing with change, both from the perspective of an organization and on the individual level.

Aspects of Change : 

Aspects of Change

Elements for Successful Change : 

Elements for Successful Change Ideas for change Need for change Adoption of change Implementation of change Resources for change Daft,2008

Possible barriers : 

Possible barriers Cost effective Benefits Lack of coordination and cooperation Uncertainty avoidance Fear of loss

Implementation / recommendation : 

Implementation / recommendation Establish a sense of urgency for change Establish a condition to guide the change Create a vision and strategy for change Find an idea that fits the need Development plans to overcome resistance to change Alignment with needs and goals of users

Implementation / recommendation continued : 

Implementation / recommendation continued Communication and training An environment that affords psychological safety Participation and involvement Create change teams Foster idea champions Daft, 2008

Slide 9: 

Final discussions of the SLU culture.

References : 

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