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A multimedia project about adaptive learning, created for a course at UCF


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Adaptive Learning:

Adaptive Learning A Brief Overview Corrinne Stull Next

Table of Contents:

Table of Contents Introduction to Adaptive Learning History Main Concepts How it Works Companies Using Adaptive Learning Technology References and Resources Previous Next

Introduction to Adaptive Learning:

Introduction to Adaptive Learning Also known as: Personalized Learning Computer-Based Learning Intelligent Tutoring Is often: Competency-based Mastery-based Formative assessment Source: / Next Previous


History O rigins in AI movement of 1970s Computer size and cost impractical Interfaces were unintuitive Present Systems User-friendly More practical cost Mostly used in online courses Next Previous

Main Concepts:

Main Concepts Non-linear C hoose what to learn next Learner-paced “Soft” due dates Content Tailoring Not “one-size-fits-all” Systems “learn” about students Alternate examples or forms of media Adaptive Learning , not just Adaptive Assessment Source: http :// / Next Previous

How it Works:

How it Works Next Previous

How it Works:

How it Works Next Previous

How it Works:

How it Works Next Previous

How it Works:

How it Works Next Previous

Companies Using Adaptive Learning Technology:

Companies Using Adaptive Learning Technology ALEKS - http :// / Cengage - / DreamBox - / Knewton - / RealizeIT - / Smart Sparrow - / Next Previous


Conclusion Powerful learning tool Adaptive learning Gaining traction advancements in technology more mastery-based programs People learn differently Learning preferences Learning pace Next Previous

References and Resources:

References and Resources Wikipedia: Adaptive Learning http :// Adaptive_learning Learning to Adapt: Understanding the Adaptive Learning Supplier Landscape / Adaptive Learning, an Idea with Powerful Potential / Previous Replay

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