Comparison Between React.js vs Angular.js vs Vue.JS


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Many companies are outsourcing the work of web development to countries where the expense is less.You'll get to know about the different frameworks such as React JS, Angular JS and Vue JS.


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slide 1: Comparison Between React.js vs Angular.js vs Vue.JS In today’s IT world the development of the mobile application is the most popular and profitable business. The popularity has grown as different types of mobile devices are coming up in the market every day. Thus different development companies are putting in their efforts to find the market for their mobile apps and software products. On the contrary web applications are becoming more and more complicated each and every year. This is the reason why there is always a high demand for web developers for the complex development of web applications which on the other hand should be user-friendly. As a software developer you may ask which is the best tool to write the codes One thing you can do is to test each and every framework. However this is a time-consuming process. Not only that this may lead to wastage of fund. Thus many companies are outsourcing the work of web development to countries where

slide 2: the expense is less. In this article you will get to know about the different frameworks such as React JS Angular JS and Vue JS. In addition to this we will discuss the differences between them as there are many differences among the three types of the framework. Still there are some similarities as well. Difference between Vue JS and React JS Vue JS and React JS are two Javascript which is quite similar to each other. The representation of the components of both of these is similar. Both the javascript are linked and support reactive components. However the framework’s internal implementation differ from each other quite a lot. React is virtual DOM based. You can see how the DOM looks like in real through React JS. the data in most cases remain unchanged. On basis of the differences the changes that are made are recounted. The situation is just opposite in Vue JS. The naming convention and the usability of the applications are different. Both of them are using Virtual DOM now. Vue JS 2 and VUX are developed without dependency injection like React. Also Vue 2 changed the missing parts of the React. Difference between Angular JS and React JS From the viewpoint of React JS the framework was created for constructing a responsive and high-speed interface. This enables quick drawing of data. As you have read earlier that React uses DOM and helps in quickly drawing the changed portions of the page. Angular JS on the other hand has a formal framework. With help of Angular JS you can do only certain activities and you may face difficulties to do something different. There is no such drawback if you are using React JS. In fact React JS does not bind the developers to any certain type of activities. The presentation of data within Angular JS has a compact view. However it may be difficult to upload a large amount of data. This happens due to the requirement of a handler for the two way data connection for each mutable elements. Thus a lot of time is consumed for this process. React uses Virtual DOM the situation is changed in a better way. Here the changes are made in parts and not on the entire page. When the changes are made React makes a list of them and the changes are made in parts and not on the whole page. Also React supports for rendering from the server which is not supported by any version of the Angular. Difference between Angular JS and Vue JS

slide 3: Developers are more interested to use Vue JS rather than Angular JS for some reasons. For example Vue is easy to use. It can be easily used for development and designing any webpage. Thus the learning process and creation of the application takes less time. However this also depends on the type of project. Vue JS being less straightforward allows you to be flexible while writing codes. Thus as a developer you can use your imagination. Whereas if you are using Angular JS you have to be confined to the pattern that Angular JS provides to you. According to some the disadvantage of Vue JS is that it can be easily compiled with other sorts of libraries which in a way can hamper the work of the developer. Vue JS takes lesser time to develop an app. The speed of work of Vue Js is fast if compared with Angular JS. Thus if you as a developer wish you finish your work fast you can opt for Vue JS instead of Angular JS. Also Vue supports server-side rendering. From the backend perspective the famous PHP framework Laravel supports internally Vue JS to make the frontend run faster. Differences between all the three All three types of framework be it React Angular of Vue all have certain qualities. In case any problem arises while using the frameworks with the help of specific instruments these problems can be solved. If you consider the framework on basis of complexities Vue JS is most simple to use. React JS is a bit more complex and Angular JS has a lot of bindings.

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