Rotary Feeder and its applications

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L e a v e a R e p l y W ant to join the discussion Feel free to contribute Share this entry          Rotary Feeder and its applications Rotary feeder has a v ast application in some of the major industries which produces items that are used in daily life. These industries are wood grain food food textile paper tobacco rubber and paint industries. The application of rotary feeder is to control pollution in the abov e mentioned industries. Rotary feeder is used in these industries because these industries uses dry free-flowing powders granules crystals or pellets. The major components of rotary feeder are rotor shaft housing head plates packing seals and bearing. Generally rotary feeders are av ailable in two models. These models are standard model and heav y duty model. The basic difference between the two models lies in the configuration in their head plates and bearing. Rotary airlock or rotary valves are some common name of Rotary Feeders. Rotary airlock valves are mainly used to undertake three basics tasks. Rotary airlock is primarily used in airlock transition point sealing pressurized system against loss of air or gas. This is done while preserv ing a low flow of material between components with different pressure. Almost all rotary airlocks can be classified as both rotary v alv e and rotary feeders depending on their interpretation. Pneumatic conv eying systems dust control equipment uses rotary valves. It is also used as v olumetric feed-controls. Tags: Rotary airlock Rotary Feeders rotary valves 02/01/2017 / 0 C om m ents / in / by peterfine REPLIES N ame E mail W ebsite Post Comment 0 Blog - Latest News You are here: H om e / R otary Feeder and its applications  converted by W

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Post Comment B L O G how to define a quality rotary valve 02/07/2017 - 12:47 R otary Feeder and its applications 02/01/2017 - 18:25 CD B ulk tech quick clean rotary valve manufacturer 01/15/2017 - 00:00 M O D E L S R E Q U E S T 1. Sanitary SS304 rotary v alv e 2. Cast iron rotary airlock 3. Pneumatic conv ey rotary airlock 4. Cement rotary v alv e C H I N E S E W E B S I T E Our Alibaba Site T Y P I C A L M A T E R I A L S Cement ore sugar minerals grains plastics dust fly ash flour gypsum lime coffee cereals pharmaceuticals etc. © C opyright - C D Bulk Tech - E nfold Them e by Kriesi converted by W

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