what is certified nursing assistant (cna)

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The certified nursing assistant assists the medical nurses in their work and provides medical care to patients. Go through below article to know more about CNA certification.


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What is Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? :

What is Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)? The certified nursing assistant is the licensed person providing health care services to the patients in their daily routine. They also provide assistance to nurses in health care services. The certified nursing assistant (CNA) is the licensed professional in the medical industry who directly interacts with the patients regarding all their daily needs. The work of the nursing assistant is to assist the nurse and the duties may largely differ on what patients are in need of. The certified nursing assistants are needed in hospitals, health care centers, clinics and nursing homes. http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com

What is the Role of CNA? :

What is the Role of CNA? The certified nursing assistant also known as CNA is responsible for providing the health care services to the patients and also provides assistance to medical nurses. CNA can also work in the private clinics and nursing homes as a health professional. They are responsible for direct care of patients. CNA are the link between the nurses and the patients. The care given by the certified nursing assistant may include: •Grooming •Bathing and hygiene •Feeding •Checking vital signs •Social and emotional support •Monitoring the patients http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com

How to Become a CNA? :

How to Become a CNA? For CNA certification, one must undergo the meticulous course of training and clear the certification test to ensure the proficiency in all skills. The student should acquire knowledge in basic patient care that will include monitoring or vital signs like temperature and blood pressure. The nursing assistant should also be trained in CPR and ready for all other emergency situations. If you wish to become a CNA, you should have completed your diploma or GED before you can enroll in the certification program. There are many specialized schools, colleges and universities undertaking CNA programs. The time duration for these courses is generally 6 to 12 weeks. The CNA training classes are conducted by the registered nurses. These classes cover wide range of topics starting from how to bath a patient to how to position him/her properly. http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com

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The job of CNA can be very satisfying. It is a good feeling to help the person in need. This can bring you the great sense of accomplishment and personal satisfaction. For More Information Please Visit Our Site: http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com http://www.cnacertifiednursingassistant.com Thank You..

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