The Condition of Mental Health Hospitals

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The Condition of Mental Health Hospitals:

The Condition of Mental Health Hospitals From personal experiences at Fletcher Allen Hospital in VT, Tufts Hospital in MA and Saint Francis Hospital in NY

Locked Units:

Locked Units Areas for mental health patients are often neglected because they are not open to the public Dirty Understaffed Outdated

Some staff don’t enjoy their jobs:

Some staff don’t enjoy their jobs Nurses are not caring towards the patients Doctors seem uninterested in their patients Floor workers yell at the patients when they are frustrated

Understaffed Hospitals:

Understaffed Hospitals Nurses are too busy to interact with patients Doctors see their patients very quickly once a day or less


Accommodations Patient rooms and hallways are plain and uninteresting Beds are uncomfortable There is little to do to pass the time


Rules Patients cannot have electronics Causes boredom Sometimes very limited visiting hours

Example of a patient room:

Example of a patient room


Overall Psychiatric Units in Hospitals need improvement

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